Technologies Revolutionising Online Poker Games


Poker is not just a game today but a business model for thousands of startups working in the gaming industry. We can count on thousands of startups working in various fields of technology which is being used in poker gaming platforms. Technologies like AI, IoT, Web apps, Mobile app, AR, VR, and VFX are in the play and being used by poker platform developers worldwide.   

There are hundreds of gaming startups, raised billion of funding from leading investment companies. According to an article on the Economics Times, India’s poker startups industry worth $120 million and slowly becoming a profit-making business model for gaming startups.

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Here are the top 7 technologies shaping the poker gaming industry

Mobile Application

Online gaming witnessed a boom when affordable smartphones made their entry into the market. This revolutionary technology created it’s importance in the gaming industry as mobile apps came into the play. In terms of revenue, sub-genre games such as Poker and other online games dominated the grossing chart and grew the revenue of application development companies, cloud companies, digital marketing agencies, and many others.

Cloud Platforms

Cloud-based sub-genre games are in the demand today. People don’t want to download gaming platforms on their smartphones but at the same time they want to enjoy their favorite games whenever they want. Cloud-based online Poker games solve their problem. This not just gives the freedom to access games anytime without downloading apps but also allows them to play poker online with real players from around the world. 


Technology companies playing a big role in the poker gaming industry. Hundreds of software development companies providing customized analytics platforms to thousands of poker websites worldwide. These analytic platforms provide user behavior data to the owner.

Artificial Intelligence 

Gaming is not about just gaming but smart gaming. Users expectation is growing day by day and they want smart gaming platforms. Artificial intelligence is being used to create smart gaming consoles for today’s game lovers. Game designers are using AI and facial recognition technologies to make the gaming experience more personalised. 


Today’s it’s almost impossible to detect whether you are playing with a real player or with an intelligent bot. This technology is playing an important role in the gaming industry.

Dimensional Graphics

UI and UX play an important role in any games’ success or failure. Game developers want to provide a real-life gaming experience to their users. To do so, 3D designing is the best-fit technology.


Do you trust online gaming? Do you fear of manipulation in conclusion or results? Everyone does. Blockchain is being used to build opensource gaming consoles where data manipulation is impossible. Blockchain technology is being used as a technology of trust in the gaming industry, especially where real money games are played. If you just build a pltform that allows everyone involved to see exactly how funds are distributed then it could be a game changer.