Suunto 7 – A Feature Loaded Smart Watch

Suunto 7 smart watch by TWC

Did you ever think that your watch can perform several different tasks? Yes, you can indeed track your exercise activity, heart rate, body resources and plan your daily schedule through your latest Suunto 7. It is not only a watch, it is your partner that helps you whole day in performing different activities and also updates you about your health. Moreover, you can download your favorite apps from the Google play store because it is powered by Wear OS Google. No doubt, you can see your today’s to-do list and meeting schedule. Your fantastic watch will allow you to see who is calling you or see your new incoming messages. All tasks can be done through your fabulous watch. You can also make easy and quick payments through the watch. Furthermore, there is a chance to customize your watch in your style through different watch faces or interchangeable watch straps.

The Watch is Getting Better Everyday

We are becoming busier in our lives. Regular exercise can be tricky sometimes. So, we need a smartwatch to keep up with our busy and active lifestyle. There is only one watch that can give you a versatile experience. It is designed to let you enjoy most of your time and maintain your busy schedule properly. Furthermore, a highly advanced and modern watch named Sunnto 7 can provide you fabulous sports experience, several online or offline maps with navigation, health and sleep insights, and several other features of a smartwatch from Wear OS Google. It works perfectly with IOS phones as well as with Android phones. These Suunto watches are available in different colors and different styles. You can find them at good prices. Some of the basic features are discussed below in detail.

Track Your Sports

All features associated with sports are accessible through one button only. You can easily track exercise with more than seventy sports modes, a heart rate wrist sensor, and GPS. Moreover, the watch helps check your daily calories and steps. There is a chance to share your exercise in the Suunto application or on some popular sports services like Endomondo, TraininPeaks, and Strava. During exercise, you can connect your phone with the headset and enjoy your favorite music tracks controlled by your fantastic watch. There is a lot more to enjoy with this amazing stylish wristwatch.

Explore More Comfortably

Furthermore, you can explore your surrounding world more through this watch. The offline and online maps are accessible anytime, and during exercise, these are available through one swipe only. A Heatmap for 15 different sports activities like cycling, running, swimming, etc. is there to show you routes where other people also got their training or these maps are also helpful to keep you away from dangerous tracks. The watch can download local or Heatmaps automatically with the help of wifi. You can download your preferred location manually. No doubt, Suunto 7 is helpful to provide you the best guidance about training routes even when you left your phone at home or have no internet.

Sleep Tracking

Wearing this watch during sleep will show how long we sleep and how restorative our sleep is? A bedtime reminder and sleep goal setting will help us to maintain a healthy and a good sleep schedule. Over time, we will develop better sleep habits. A good and peaceful sleep positively affects our body and also help to maintain a healthy balance.

Heart Rate

Moreover, you can also check your heart rate anytime. It also keeps your daily record of heart rate. The chart will show your heart activity during both moments, such as during sleep or during exercise. In this way, you can easily monitor your heart activity.

Body Resources

The watch measures our stress, recovery, and activity throughout the day. Good sleep is essential to maintain the necessary body resources. So, our fantastic watch will provide us insight about the body resources we gained during our sleep and the total body resources we have when we wake up from our peaceful sleep.

My Radar

Another exciting feature is My Radar within this superlative watch. You can get accurate information about the weather coming in your way. So, you can plan accordingly. This feature is very supportive and helpful to save you from any uncertain situation. All-weather information is provided by local animated weather apps.

The Bottom Line

The superior, and high-quality features help you to track your exercise, sleep, and other activities regularly. You can check your schedule through this watch. Indeed, the Suunto 7 is designed to remain with you in all situations. The watch is dirt, shock, and waterproof. It is a good partner in all adventures.