Surefire Team Building Activities to Encourage Teamwork


The success of a company lies in the way each member works with each other. But teamwork does not just develop in an instant. It requires a time when all members of the team have to get to know one another to develop a deeper bond. Some colleagues who are already working with each other for years need to redevelop their rapport with each other. Team Building Activities can help them develop and reinforce teamwork within the company. It had become difficult to connect with coworkers because of shift of work to work from home because of the pandemic but now we have games to play on zoom with coworkers to help connect us more with our teammates. Here are several suggestions for team building activities that you can organize for your company. 

Escape Room

One of the newest trends in Team Building Activities is going to an escape room. As of 2018, there are over 2,000 escape room facilities all over the US. More people started to get drawn to this activity because it allows them to showcase their puzzle-solving skills as they flee from a locked themed room. 

You can use escape Glasgow games to cultivate teamwork and camaraderie within your team. You all have to communicate better and work with each other to reach your goal. Because of this activity, you will know more about your teammates and find out their strengths and weaknesses. These qualities can be applied when you get back to your office. 

Egg Drop

If you have no time to get outside the office for your next session of Team Building Activities, you can opt to do some traditional team games inside your building to develop teamwork. One of these activities is the Egg Drop game. This game will require each member to think of ways to solve a problem and achieve a specific goal. 

To execute this game, you need several materials like straws, plastic, balloons, newspapers, rubber band, and tape to create an egg package or carrier that can keep an uncool egg intact during a transfer. The egg must withstand a two- to four-story drop using the finished product done by the team. 

Talking In Circles

This game is a stimulating yet challenging way to prove that everyone knows how to communicate and coordinate with each other. The group is required to stand in a circular position. The hands of all team members are tied with a long piece of string with the other end placed in the middle of the circle. Then the team will be instructed to create different shapes using the string. They need to talk among themselves to know the next steps when creating the shapes. The level of difficulty can increase by asking all members to blindfold their eyes. 

Three Truths And A Lie 

It is an ideal game for any team building activity that does not require any tools or materials. You and your team can also do this anytime and anywhere. You only need three or more members who will sit in a circle.

Ask everyone to think of three real facts about themselves and one lie. Each one must make sure that the others will have a hard time distinguishing which one is true and which one is the hoax. This game will challenge all preconceived notions about all members of the team. It will also let the shy ones start opening up with their colleagues.  These activities can help further solidify the bond within your team. If everyone in the company will have a harmonious relationship with each other, the success of your organization will eventually follow. So make sure that you regularly conduct Team Building Activities to reinforce the teamwork within your company.