Why do supply chain issues happen, and how to solve them for your business

Supply chain management

Supply chain issues can be a massive issue for every single business, and whenever it comes to getting what you need to keep the doors open and the lights on for your storefront, they can be massive causes of stress. If you can’t overcome your supply chain issues, it can become a massive problem for both your storefront, your employees, and your customers. 

If you are just starting out and have a very small business, it can almost seem impossible to overcome supply chain issues. But rather than worrying about how to take on supply chain issues, you should think about why they happen in the first place. Learning why supply chain issues happen can help you anticipate them happening in your business, and then you can focus on solving them and mitigating the damage to keep your store online and afloat.

Weather Events

Sometimes, an icy road or some heavy storms can prevent your trucks from getting to you, a fire at a farm can reduce the crop yields you are expecting, or a lightning storm can damage your distribution site. A whole lot can happen when the weather goes amock; then your business pays the price for it. 

Increased Costs

As things get more and more expensive, you might find that your production costs increase. Additionally, shortages in raw materials, as well as shortages in fuel, can increase the costs as well. This can happen due to inflation, problems in the world such as geopolitical issues, and other worldwide problems.


Finally, if things start to have a shortage, then your supply chain will often feel the price. Your supply chains won’t be able to keep up with increased demand from your customers, and if you don’t have the ability to manage your inventory then you might find that you are paying a lot more money just to get your expedited orders.

All of these problems can cause supply chain issues, but they aren’t the only reasons. While their are countless problems and scenarios that can lead to your supply chains getting shorter than you would like, you can fix these problems by taking on a proactive stance with a managed inventory system. As well as some of these other tips.

Managing Your Inventory

One of the first things you can do is manage your inventory. Managing your inventory means that you are identifying what stock you have in, as well as what is running low and what you need to order more of. Whether you manage your smaller inventory by hand or through inventory management software, you need to keep track of what the back end of your store looks like in order to show your customers a good front end.

Map Your Supply Chain

Your supplies go on a journey from getting from their place of origin to your business, and making sure that you know every in and out of that journey is going to be something that you need to do. There are lots of tools that allow you to see all of the stops that your supplies take and whenever you manage your supply chain you can figure out where in the journey problems might occur.

Look for places where the supply chain could be more efficient, and then see if you can communicate that efficiency to your driver and suppliers. 

Look For Where Your Supply Chain Can Be More Resilient

Supply chain resilience is whenever you make sure that the critical points in your supply chain can be protected at all costs. While you might need to buy alternatives or look for additional options whenever your supply chain is at risk, there are surely items in all of your supply chains that you simply cannot do your business without. 

Make sure that those items are protected, and ensure that they can get to you no matter what happens with the supply chain.

Don’t Panic

Finally, it can be very very easy to start panicking whenever your supply chain is disrupted, and things start to slow down with your business. Instead of freaking out, you need to make sure that your emotions are calm and that you trust in the backup plans you are putting in place. In order to make sure that you can weather supply chain issues, keep calm and see what you can control.

The supply chains will get back into working order eventually, and then you can get back to operating your business at 100%.