Spyier Guide: Spying on My Wife Without Her Knowing (100% Works)


Life goes through various ups and downs, however when your relationship is going just down, it’s time to tighten up your pants. It’s difficult to see how your wife has changed over the period.

However, what is the reason for this? Is she seeing someone else or is someone keeping her busy? Rather than scratching your head with these disturbing thoughts, you must find a way to seek the truth.   

Spying on wife with Spyier can certainly be an effective means to catch your wife red-handed. Spyier is one of the leading spying applications in the market that allows you to spy over your wife stealthily. 

A Safe Way To Spy On My Wife Without Getting Caught

Your wife mustn’t know you are having suspicions on her. Spyier considers this basic requirement and offers you a solution, which is fully safe, undetectable, and of course reliable. Spyier is a phone tracking application, which will allow you to attain all the data from your wife’s phone, be it her chats, files, and much more. 

If your wife is cheating on you, then Spyier will help you collect some evidence. And if she is not cheating on you, then you will be able to remove stress from your mind and make efforts to improve your relationship. 

Spyier is certainly the best and safest mobile tracking software you will come across. Its extensive popularity in the spying market across 190 countries is enough to make it reliable. It is one of the best spying applications, as it is featured on more than a dozen tech platforms like TechRadar, Forbes, TomsGuide, LifeHacker, and many more.  

No matter your wife has an Android device or an iPhone, Spyier’s quick and feasible spying solutions work on both of the operating systems. Unlike other applications and spying methods, Spyier is fully discrete and stealthy. You can be sure that your wife is never going to find that you are spying on her until and unless you confess it in front of her. 

With over a million users, the Spyier software is rated the best spying solutions with features and attributes like no other. The company uses an advanced technology which makes spying a walk in the park. 

How Can I Do Spying On Wife With Spyier?  

That’s a very good question. As mentioned Spyier makes it quite easier for you to configure your wife’s phone with your system and extract all her data.  

  1. For the iOS device, the process is seamless. The only information you need is your wife’s iCloud credentials. The entire process is completely remote, you don’t even have to manually operate your wife’s phone. Get started with the Spyier on its official website, then choose the operating system, which is iOS. 

Next, you have to select a subscription plan. Then the set-up wizard will ask you to configure your wife’s phone by entering her device’s iCloud credentials. Once the configuration process is completed, you are set to relieve all your stress by checking your wife’s phone data. 

  1.  For an Android device, you can enjoy the little bit of thrill of spying. With a simple app installation on your wife’s phone, you will be able to get all the information. There is no need to worry as the app is fully undetectable. It can be hidden easily. Not just that, but its small size of just 3 MB, won’t get into your wife’s view. 

The process is quite similar to that of the iOS version. All you have to do is select Android in place of iOS. Once you are done after buying the subscription, the set-up wizard will guide you with the app installation process. Spyier is known as one of the best discreet spying solutions, which is why you can stay relaxed. 

The Next Step

Now, when you have successfully configured your wife’s phone with Spyier. You can check everything she shares with people of a group or someone beyond her circle. 

You can open the Spyier website on your system or device and then log in to your account. The dashboard will appear, where you can see all the amazing features. Have a look at some of them below: 

  1. Message Spying: If you are willing to check your wife’s text messages, you can check out the Track SMS feature. This one helps you see what messages your wife is sending and what replies she is getting. You can also check whom she is texting. Is it someone suspicious?
  1. Social Media Spying: Maximum chatting and communication these days take place on social media channels. So Spyier brings you various social media spying features. You can check her Instagram activities while discovering her Whatsapp chats. There are social media sites, which you can spy on with Spyier.  
  2. Contact Spying: Spyier has a feature of the Call Tracking feature, which allows you to check your wife’s contact lists. You can check detailed information about people who are in contact with your wife. This will include email addresses, photos, and names of those people. 
  3. Location Spying: Next up is the location spying features. By tracking the GPS of your wife’s mobile, you can check where she goes. You can also track her on a virtual map, that will help you check her coordinates, location history, and their present location.  
  4. Media Files Spying: If you think your wife may be getting or sharing some different things through their mobiles, then Spyier’s Media tracking feature will help you check what she has in store of her phone. 
  5. Deleted Message Tracking: One of the best things about Spyier’s spying solution is that you can even track your wife’s deleted messages. So, there is no way in which she can hide her suspicious conversations with anyone. 

With more than 35 features, you can supervise your wife’s activities, without letting her get any idea about it. 

Spyier Is The Modern Day Spying Software

Gone are the days when people used to hire detectives. It’s the digital age, where you have all the solutions at hand. Take a look at what things make Spyier a modern spying solution. 

  1. Zero Complexity: With no requirement of root or jailbreak, Spyier likes to keep it simple.  These two processes are certainly complex and may also expose you. So, if you are not willing to answer your wife, take Spyier.
  2. Secure: Spyier is one of the most globally recognized spying solutions. To be at that stage, it has kept its security levels very high. It ensures the privacy protection of your data by not storing any information on its server. 
  3. Quite Reasonable: If someone tells you we offer a free solution, then they are risky. Because nothing in this world is free. However, with Spyier, you can certainly get the spying solution at a very reasonable price. 


Now you must have got good information about tricks for spying on wife with Spyier. It is the best software that helps you seamlessly execute the spying process and get your suspicions resolved. Spying is certainly important to make sure you have a healthy relationship. 

If you are worried that your wife may find you spying on her. Well, that’s certainly not going to happen, especially when you are working with Spyier. It is a stealthy, safe, and reliable partner for people suffering such emotional stress.