What Should I Do If I Want to Read Kid’s Snapchat Messages?

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As we all know, Snapchat leads the list when it comes to the most populous social media applications. Teens commonly use it because of its simplicity in sharing everyday moments while concurrently making them look awesome.

Most teenagers are obsessed with Snapchat, and there’s a high chance that your children have it installed on their phones. The application has gained popularity among young people for its disappearing content.

“What should I do if I want to read a kid’s Snapchat messages?” is frequently asked by most concerned parents. To protect your child from online threats lurking in the Snapchat app, you need a parental monitoring solution like TeenSafe.

Part 1: How to Monitor & Read Children’s Snapchat Messages

One of the stresses parents have regarding Snapchat is that a child might become overconfident in sharing inappropriate materials. That’s since they know that the messages, pictures, and videos won’t stay around for long.

However, you need a phone surveillance app that you can trust for you to keep an eye on your kids. You can go through your child’s Snapchat stories effortlessly using the TeenSafe parental control app.

Why Use the TeenSafe App to Read your Kid’s Snapchat Messages?

TeenSafe is the world’s leading phone monitoring software. It has exclusive capabilities to help you discover all that happens on your kid’s mobile device. You can view his/her phone calls, text messages, social media accounts and much more.

In over 190 countries, millions of users are dependent on TeenSafe to monitor activities on their children’s Snapchat. It’s a trustworthy app that has appeared several times on great media outlets like CNET and the New York Times.

You log in to your TeenSafe account from any corner of the world. Setup TeenSafe for first-time use, and you will view all incoming and outgoing Snapchat messages anytime from your own device.

How Does TeenSafe Work?

Tracking your child’s Snapchat app is a piece of cake when using TeenSafe. You can deploy it on iPhones, iPads, and other Android phones or tablets. Your kids will never find out that you are monitoring them since it operates completely hidden.

  1. Snapchat Monitoring in iOS

When tracking Snapchat messages on your kid’s iOS gadget, TeenSafe  won’t ask for jailbreak. Also, you will not install an app because all data syncs remotely via the iCloud backup feature. Only the kid’s iCloud credentials are enough.

  1. Snapchat Monitoring for Android

As for the Android version, to download and install the 2MB TeenSafe app on the kid’s gadget is unavoidable. Either way, you don’t need to root their phone at all. After installation, the app icon is removed. Its battery drain is very low and the RAM usage isn’t notable at all.

What Can You Achieve when Monitoring Snapchat with TeenSafe?

Are you worried that your son/daughter spends too much time chatting with friends or strangers on Snapchat? With TeenSafe, you will see every activity on their Snapchat and know if there’s something to make you worried.

You’ll find the Snapchat Monitor available on your TeenSafe dashboard under the Social Apps tab. This module offers access to all the child’s private chats, including pictures and videos shared on their Snapchat.

TeenSafe also shows you all the sent and received Snapchat messages. You can view deleted messages and media files that disappeared along with their timestamps. 

That said, let’s check out how to track kid’s Snapchat messages quickly using the TeenSafe software:

Part 2: How to Monitor a Kid’s Snapchat Messages with TeenSafe

Steps to Start Monitoring Children’s Snapchat with TeenSafe

Step 1: On the TeenSafe official website, register for an account using your email address and purchase a subscription plan.

Step 2: Enter the kid’s name, age, and select their device OS in the fields provided on the control panel.

Step 3: Configure TeenSafe by following the instructions on the setup wizard.

(a.)  For the iOS variant, verify the children’s iCloud details and wait for syncing.

(b.) In Android, use the prompted link for downloading and installation of the TeenSafe app. Ensure stealth mode is active and wait for it to sync.

Step 4: Press the “start” button on your device to access your TeenSafe online dashboard. You will view the kid’s phone summary and on the left all TeenSafe’s features.

Step 5: Search for the Social Apps tab on the features menu and click on it. Go to the Snapchat feature to read the kid’s chats, view pictures shared, videos exchanged and retrieve other deleted files.

Part 3: What More Can You Do with TeenSafe

  • Social Media Monitoring

TeenSafe comes with in-built modules that allow you to track all social media accounts on your children’s devices. That includes their Instagram,  Viber, etc. You can even see other installed apps and block those you don’t want your kids to use. 

  • Location Tracking

You can follow your kid’s movements from the comfort of your home or office. TeenSafe gives you coordinates of places recently visited with their timestamps. Further, you can use its Geofence feature to set location boundaries and get alerted whenever they cross.  

  • Phone Call Analyzing

With TeenSafe, you will monitor all the calls made and received by your child. You get full phone call details, including the caller’s identity, call duration, frequent contacts, etc. Besides, you can record the calls for proof.  

Part 4: Why is TeenSafe a Notable Phone Monitoring App

  •  Get started is quick as you configure and sync TeenSafe with your kids’ phone in a matter of minutes.
  • Snapchat monitoring with TeenSafe doesn’t need you to learn any complex computer skills.
  • You get 35+ exclusive parental monitoring features that track Snapchat activities, view installed apps, read SMS, trace location, etc.
  • With TeenSafe, you’ll be untraceable since it incorporates the stealth mode technology to run discreetly.
  •  Your TeenSafe account is online-based and can be used on any web browser.
  •  Data privacy is guaranteed because no info is accessed or stored on TeenSafe servers.
  • 24/7 customer support services are always available to help you whenever in need.


With the TeenSafe Snapchat monitor, you’ll get peace of mind having a clear idea about what your kid does online. You will know everything they share and exchange with their friends on Snapchat without the kid suspecting.