Simple Ways to Enable and Use the Live Text Feature on iPhone


Apple is recognized as one of the global leaders in electronics. The company is known for its products such as the iPad and the iPhone. They come with remarkable features that aid in enhancing the customer experience. Now, they have launched the live text feature as a part of their iOS 15 operating system. This feature has machine learning capabilities that will help you recognize the text on websites and in photos. No doubt, it’s a very useful feature that you may have seen much speculation about in tech shows on your TVandinternetdeal.

It is quite similar to the Google Lens. This text recognition feature will definitely enhance your user experience without typing manually. You can just let your phone do the reading by turning this feature on. The good news is that that Live Text can read both handwritten and typed text. You can also read a text by placing it in front of your phone’s camera. Find out all about the Live Text feature in this blog.

Live Text

The Live text feature from Apple comes with many advantages. However, you may not be able to use it on your Apple device even though it has the latest iOS 15. The reason is that the feature is only available on iPhones and iPads that have the 7nm bionic chip. For products that have better chips, the feature will work fine too. This means that you will be able to use the feature on all the devices that have been released after 2018. This is because all iPhones and iPads released by Apple after 2018 have the 7nm bionic chip or better. If you’ve recently bought an iPhone or iPad, you can use this feature.

How to Enable the Feature?

On Apple devices, the Live Chat feature is turned on by default. However, if you’ve recently forgotten how you did it or you accidentally disabled it, the process is quite simple. Simply open the “Settings” of your phone and scroll down to the “Camera” entry in the menu. Now, tap on this option and toggle the button. It will turn green and this will mean that the Live Text feature is active now.

How to Use Live Text?

Using the live text feature is quite easy. Not only can it help you to translate text, but it can also help you to look up a certain word on the internet or copy it. In the following passages, you will learn how to use the feature in various applications.

In the Photos App

With the Live Text feature, you can interact with any type of text be it handwritten or typed. Even if there’s an image with text, the feature can help you use it. You can use the feature in the “Photos” app. Open the application and select an image that has text in it. Now, click tap on the Live Text icon. It will be present at the bottom of the screen. The symbol is similar to that of a scanner. Once you do this, you will be able to highlight any portion of the visible text present on the image. With your fingers, you can select the text that you require. If you want to select all of it, choose the “Select all” feature. You can even translate this text or look it up in a browser by tapping on the relevant options for these purposes.

In the Camera App

You can also use the Live Text feature in the camera app. To do this, open the “Camera” application and point your camera at a surface that contains handwritten or typed text. This can be an image, board, painting, or page.  Now, tap on the Live Text icon. Select the text you want. Now, you can either copy it, look it up on the web, or translate it.

Can You Use It On Other Apps?

You can also use the Live Text feature in many other apps such as Apple Notes. By selecting text from your “Camera” app or “Photos” app, you can head over to “Notes” and paste it for later use. Many other apps have text entry fields. All such apps can support the Live Text feature.

This was all about the Live Text feature for Apple iPads and iPhones. You can easily use this feature on products that have the iOS 15 and the 7nm bionic chip. The feature is quite useful in saving important text that you do not have the time to type manually. With Live Text, you can even look up content on the web for more info. Have fun while using this feature.