What to Do for SIM not Provisioned MM#2 Error

Sim Card in iphone

The SIM not provisioned MM#2 error is quite frequent among people with new phones or SIM cards. It can happen when you transfer your number to a new SIM card. Also, you may get the error if you switch your carrier SIM. As a result, you won’t be able to contact anyone except for 911.

Perhaps, you’ll be able to use the rest of your device’s functions. Still, that’s not a viable solution in the long run. So, here are a few quick steps to unlock your iPhone, no matter the carrier.

When Does SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error Occur?

Generally, there are several reasons for this error. As mentioned, one of the reasons can be transferring your number to a new SIM card. However, the problem may also occur when buying a brand new mobile phone. If you’re abroad, you may be outside your network service provider’s coverage area.

Perhaps, the most common case is a suspended SIM card. Besides, your carrier might not have activated it yet. Still, buying a SIM card will likely show this error. In such cases, you must follow the activation steps provided by the network provider.

Sometimes, you may not or can’t use your old SIM in your new phone. If your old SIM has suddenly stopped working, it could be dead, or your provider might have deactivated it. Of course, it might not have proper contact with your smartphone pins. You can try to clean and reinsert it. If the problem persists, you might want to contact your service provider.

How to Fix the Issue?

Typically, there are a couple of methods that will effectively solve your issue. The first one is to reseat the SIM card. As previously mentioned, the problem might be a simple one. Sometimes, your SIM might move a little bit even without touching it. That makes for poor contact with your phone’s circuits. In such cases, your best shot would be to try to reinsert it correctly.

Usually, the procedure involves turning off your device and carefully opening your SIM lid or the back cover of your mobile phone. Then, you’ll have to pop out your card and clean the gold SIM card contacts with a soft rubber pencil. Wipe any leftover residue with a soft cloth and put the SIM back. If you still get the same error, that means the problem is somewhere else.

Alternatively, you can try and call your carrier to activate your SIM. If the card is faulty, they might send over a new one. However, you’ll have to go through a tedious process of calling your carrier and following particular steps.

How to Change Your SIM and Unlock Your Phone?

As mentioned before, sometimes the issue is of an entirely different nature. When you’re abroad, you might not have your roaming activated. Of course, this disadvantage may be extremely frustrating. Therefore, you may want to change your SIM for a local provider.

However, there comes a problem with locked devices. Most of the time, carriers lock their phones to prevent their customers from switching to another network provider. Understandably, you’ll be more than mad if you can’t use your iPhone with a new SIM.

Luckily, there’s a way to deal with this issue without having to stick with your provider. Simply have a third-party unlocking service provider carry out a factory unlocking. Generally, this nickname refers to the most straightforward and safest method of phone unlocking. In essence, the third-party expert uses your phone’s IMEI number to enter the manufacturer’s database. Then, it reassigns your phone’s status, so it unlocks.

What’s more, the procedure is entirely legal. Most of all, it will free your iPhone. Ultimately, you’ll be able to use any SIM on your phone. Just enter the simple unlock AT&T iPhone code you will receive on your email.

How to Choose a Trusted Unlock AT&T iPhone Code Provider?

Perhaps, you can quickly go online and look for an unlocking service provider. Usually, the majority of experts can unlock nearly all devices, including the latest iPhone models. Don’t be afraid to walk away if any of these platforms ask for personal or financial information. Ultimately, you’ll be able to retrieve an unlock AT&T iPhone pin. You’ll be amazed at how fast these platforms work compared to conventional network carriers.

CellUnlocker – The Best at Retrieving Unlock AT&T iPhone Pins

All in all, factory unlocking is the fastest and safest way to deal with MM#2 error. Unless your SIM is old or needs reseating, you’ll have to go through a lengthy procedure. Consequently, you’ll have to call your carrier for support. Still, that would mean you’ll have to stay with your current network provider.Of course, that might not be your wish. In such cases, it’s best to carry out a factory unlocking. Perhaps, CellUnlocker is among the best at unlocking iPhones. If you’re willing to get an unlock AT&T iPhone code, get your AT&T iPhone unlocked at CellUnlocker.net. The entire procedure consists of giving a contact email, your IMEI number, and the iPhone model. After you transfer the payment, the assistants at CellUnlocker will send you the unlock AT&T iPhone pin in a few days.