Should You Move To Coworking If You Have A Large Team?


The word coworking won’t be a word in the future. It will probably just be the way we work.” – Rahul Prakash, Partner at Hatch Today

One of the most widespread conceptions regarding coworking is that it is only suitable for younger, small scale businesses and new entrepreneurs. In short, a coworking space is designed almost exclusively for small teams. This notion is not only false, but also misleading.

Coworking spaces, or shared spaces as they are popularly referred to in the corporate sector, are fully equipped to cater to the needs and demands of all team sizes. So now, coming to the question of the hour, should you move to coworking if you have a large team? To answer this, we need to understand a few vital pros of coworking spaces with respect to a large team’s requirements.

Cost Effectiveness

When you opt for a coworking space, you significantly reduce the amount of cash you will need to upfront in renting and setting up an office, and its operational costs. In shared offices, customers are offered pre-established infrastructure along with utilities, so that your team can focus on productivity instead. It’s easy to imagine the operational cost that an organisation will have to endure for large teams, in terms of in-house help, a pantry and cafeteria, general utilities and equipment maintenance. The costs saved from not opting for traditional offices can be invested into other crucial areas. Plus, coworking platforms such as iKeva work towards providing as much flexibility as possible in their packages as per your team requirements.


Customisation of office space

A number of coworking platforms offer customisation based on a company’s personalised requirement. If you have a large team and you desire a coworking space catered to their specific needs, it’s always a viable option. This is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of coworking, as this is essentially a managed office model that still manages to function as a plug-and-play type. Coworking space in Mumbai aims to provide high levels of comfort to their customers with customised packages within varied budgets.


Networking at coworking space

More than shared offices, coworking spaces have turned into fantastic breeding grounds for networking opportunities. Many big-league brands are experimenting with coworking spaces because of the potential for their teams to intersect with the latest tech innovators, top talent, and promising ideas. If you head a large team, the value of perspectives outside your team would be well appreciated. Of course, this also remains an opportunity for scouting new recruits.

Creativity and Productivity

Perhaps the biggest challenge with traditional offices, is that they become sites of mundane routines and boredom. In shared offices, special emphasis is given to create mentally vibrant and stimulating areas of recreation such as gyms, games rooms and relaxation pods. Constant interaction with people from different backgrounds and keeps spontaneity peaking. It’s a proven fact that creativity is intertwined with productivity. Most coworking spaces like iKeva have in house staff available at your call for any requirements.

If your large team demands are fulfilled by the advantages offered by coworking spaces such as those provided by iKeva, then shared offices are your ideal option. Customers will not only enjoy all the major services offered by traditional offices but also extend their professional network. The consequence? The team benefits from a fun, dynamic, and personalised workspace to let imagination flow and productivity peak.