Shops and Establishments Act in India

Shop illustration

The Shops and Establishments Act is looked after and protected by the Labour Department of that specific state. Although most of the rules are the same pan India, there are a few state-wise rules that might vary. Overall, the act takes in a lot of the influences of a state and uses them to create rules to govern companies and their employees. It is a requirement for every stop in India to enlist under the establishments and shops act within thirty days from starting up. The exact details of the type of business aren’t that relevant and neither is the amount of revenue generated.

The main aim of the Shops and Establishment Act is to provide equal rights and benefits to all employees at all places of employment whether in movie theatres, restaurants or any other places of work.

The Act under the labour laws frames the rules for employers and how they should be treating their employees. It covers basic aspects of work like

  • The number of daily working hours
  • The stipulated time for opening and shutting the shop followed regularly
  • The observation of national and religious leaves
  • The set guidelines to enlist juveniles and women
  • The leave policy for maternity and casual days, while managing annual leave
  • The guidelines for hiring and terminating employees
  • The maintenance of records and the mandatory keeping of a register

How are records supposed to be maintained under the Shops And Establishment Act?

All organizations can only open shop after the approvals of the labour department. They also have to follow the relevant hiring processes, payments, credit reductions, leaves and so forth under the act. Additionally, companies have to provide information on annual leave, an all-out check of representatives to the Municipal Corporation every year.

What type of companies need to apply under the shops and establishment act?

Applying for the shops and establishment act is a mandatory requirement for all foundations and businesses, including owners working and maintaining businesses from home. This also applies to companies running offices, shops, services or products.

What are the documents needed for this registration?

  • Proof of the shop or business being run
  • Proof of address
  • Identification proof
  • PAN Card
  • Payment Challan
  • Additional business licenses needed to start a business

What is the process of renewing the Shop and Establishment registration, online?

Each individual needs to apply for Registration renewal within 15 days of expiration. Although the shops and establishments act is a one-time process, it lasts about a year so needs to be renewed annually.

The below steps assist with the online renewal process:

  1. Log on to the website and select the option from the drop-down
  2. Use the login credentials initially provided and fill in the application of renewal and submit it
  3. Use the application ID and appeal for a shop and establishment license renewal. Upload all the registration documents and supporting certificates again.
  4. Pay the registration fees and print a copy of the receipt

Now your renewal application status will change to “Under Scrutiny”. It will take about a week for the process to reflect as completed.

  • Download the certificate as soon as you are done with the process.

How do you cancel the license registration?

The steps to cancel the shop license  registration have been mentioned below:

  1. Fill in the prescribed form for the cancellation of the application, fully and coherently
  2. Apply to begin the process in less than 10 days of the actual closure of the establishment
  3. Mention the registration number of the establishment on the cancellation form with the name, business address, and relevant information
  4. Mention a valid reason for the cancellation of the license
  5. Attached a copy of Paid Legal Dues of employee(s)