Shelf Labeling: Why are tags and labels important for your business?

Shelf Labeling Why are tags and labels important for your business

An interesting change that has come into the business industry is the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). The electronic version of price tags uses electronic ink, which displays a price and is connected to the database.

With this labeling technology, it is now easy for you to change a price by simply clicking on the software. You can get various benefits for your business through digital price labels or tags.

However, a significant advantage of shelf labeling and price tags is their ability to allow you to engage in real-time, in-store pricing and build customer loyalty.

Below are some reasons why digital labels and tags are essential to your business.

1. Accurate pricing system

With the advance of the internet, the way people shop keeps changing. Therefore it is normal for customers to check the price of an item they wish to buy while standing in a store. However, when your online price data display does not align with the in-store price, you might lose the trust of your customers.

With an electronic labeling system, you would be able to ensure a standardized pricing system in your business. This would leave your customers happy with the price standardization while ensuring that you can instantly make changes to reflect in-store prices online and vice-versa.

Also, with digital shelf labeling, you would be able to check changes, align promotion prices, and fix pricing errors. These would allow you to have accurate prices across your business and ensure your customers get the optimal price. SES-imagotag is a good tool that can help you with digital shelf labeling.

2. Information standardization

With digital shelf labeling, you would be able to manage information that you would display to your customers anywhere. Also, you would be able to ensure information standardization across your business branches simultaneously while informing your employees of new price changes.

You can also adjust price displays based on point-of-sale, branch locations, or local price offers. In every business, you must have proper price management and decentralized information for effective sales at every point of sale.

3. Product traceability

With digital shelf labeling, you would be able to trace your products for any customer usage. This gives your customers access to every vital information they need on display like; perishability, item origin, date or best before and other indications, reconditioned or used items, product information like size, weight, and use, and final sale indication.

With the ability to trace your displayed products, your customers would be satisfied since they have every information needed to choose their product.

4. Increased productivity

Sometimes prices could change severally throughout the week, resulting in staff spending time changing prices. However, with electronic shelf labeling, you would be able to improve staff allocation while ensuring they focus on important things like serving your customers.

That’s a Wrap

Electronic or digital shelf labels have a lot of potential that you can explore for your business. Though it is not necessarily fit for every business, it should be something that most retailers should consider and keep in mind, particularly its pricing solutions.