Service Sacrifices – 6 Features Your Serviced Offices Shouldn’t Be Without


Working in Thailand has become much easier since the advent of alternative office formats. The virtual office and coworking spaces have made it possible for Thai businesses to circumvent the hassles associated with working in the complicated commercial real estate market. However, for those who still value old-fashioned office space, the serviced office industry still can furnish office space for your business.

The serviced office can make moving and relocating office space very accessible for SME’s and start-ups. Through the serviced office, your business virtually removes the hassles and frustration of finding office space, furnishing it, and equipping it with professional staffing. However, not all serviced offices are the same, and when searching for one, businesses should pay attention to a few factors.

Keep reading to learn more about the office essentials you need to be on the lookout when choosing a serviced office for your business.

Centrally-Located Office Space

One of the main concerns of all businesses is office location. For some businesses, a centrally-located place matters little when your target market does not really travel to the area. However, for many businesses, being centrally-located places them near foot traffic from a number of sources, namely transit, restaurants, and shopping areas. These areas are sources of business and can also function to be a part of your business’s network. Take a look at Servcorp Thailand’s serviced offices to get an idea of where your business should be located to maximise their presence in the community by clicking on

Professionally-Trained Staff

As you can see, the serviced office places you right smack dab in the middle of commercial centres, but this location should also come with professionally-trained staff. Trained staff that understand professionalism is a priority in the workspace is very important to the image you are trying to project to the public. Furthermore, in a place that seeks to attract international business, bilingual receptionists and secretaries speak to a certain sophistication.  

World-Class IT

Most businesses are working in the online platform, and so having access to internet technologies needed to function online is very important. Your business, whether working primarily on the onsite landscape or not, has to have access to technology and the professionals who support it. Serviced offices with a team of IT specialist on hand to assist with everyday maintenance of computer operations is essential in this business environment where business moves so quickly.

Access To Community Resources

The difference between a good serviced office and a great one is the type of resources they provide the community. Offices that hold networking events are tuned in to the needs of the community that makes up the office. Furthermore, these resources do not have to be limited to social resources, as companies that provide assistance with setting up business registrations and other bureaucratic tasks provide a platform for attracting international business.

Access To Meeting And Conference Rooms

Most offices have some place for the professionals to meet, and the serviced office should be the same. Offices with access to meeting and conference rooms provide your business with this space. Furthermore, these offices can provide you with the tools to present ideas in a professional manner, and ultimately win clients.

Flexible Lease

Flexible leasing is important because the serviced office can be used for a smaller business transitioning into a new market. Being able to scale up or down, depending on the growth of your business, is very important. No one wants to close a business, but in the likelihood that you have to, you do not want to be entangled with a protracted lease.

Serviced Office Essentials

The serviced office is a great way to fund affordable office space in premium locations. At the same time, you want your office to also be a comfortable fit for your business. To do this, take the above factors into consideration before leasing your next office.