The Essential Security Tips that Can Improve the Safety of Your Retail Store Business


Retail stores are a good business opportunity to start and venture out with if you plan to have one. Just like with the other businesses, security is one of the primary concerns to handle. It doesn’t mean that if you have a small business you have to think small with your security.  Instead, small business owners have to think big to make their business secure, organized, and successful.

When it comes to business security, you need to implement the detailed procedures of the safety and security of the business and the customers. In addition, you must implement security protocols accordingly, including the staffs’ safety training, security auditing, etc. So, if you are a small business owner, the information below is worth exploring.

Install a Monitoring System

Retail stores are convenient for short-term purchasing. It is a good option for customers who are in rush transactions due to its space and accessible location. Ensuring the safety of the customers and the vicinity of the area will bring you peace and profit.

With that said, you should get a security provider from your area. For example if you live in Newcastle or somewhere nearby, getting a professional nearby is a good idea. They’d have the best knowledge of your area. Only get the best services for retail security Newcastle has to offer.

The service isn’t limited to CCTV and alarm systems. They provide comprehensive security services, including security auditing, staff training, license security technicians, etc. Investing in a security plan is as worth as your business. It can serve as your business partner if humans  exceed its limitations. A 24/7 monitoring and a secure environment are top priorities to keep the business away from possible trouble.

Implement Store Protocols

Planning a concrete and precise procedure will enable a smoother and organized monitoring of rules within the area. There are a lot to observe day and night, inside and outside of the area.

You should assign one member of the employee to observe every customer’s behavior. Instruct the employees to interact with the coming customers and attend to their queries. It will secure the environment and improve the customer service performance and customers’ impression.

Another effective way is to divide the employee into zones and assign them with their respective zones to monitor, such as back storage rooms, allies, and front and back doors. Maintaining eye contact when communicating with the customers can divert the attention of the customers and can help reduce the incidence of theft.

Provides Security Training to Employees

Employees are the attendant of all the concerns and tasks inside the shop. Therefore, empowering your employees with the necessary skills to handle aggressive customers, shoplifters, intruders, and others will protect the employee and the business. In addition, employees can take self-defense classes and other training to defend themselves from troubles.

If you opt to install a management security system, you can avail the staff training services included on the service plan. But if it’s not, other security agencies offer standardized training to employees. Do not forget to take the training documentation for newer employees to become aware of the policies.

Implement a Buddy System

Though retail stores can be small, the possibility of getting robbed has nothing to do with the space and type of business. It is better to be alert and ready with a possible incident that can risk the lives of the customer and the store. Implementing a buddy system will have a strong form of security inside the store. Two employees can join to work together and observe areas that are prone to customers’ reach, such as the sales floor and the storage room.

If you cannot implement a buddy system, there are options that you can apply effectively. For example, you can rearrange the stores’ arrangement of products to have a clear sight of all angles, install a monitoring system, install emergency buttons, keep the landlines accessible for emergencies and use different safety apps on smartphones for convenient security monitoring. Implementing these security options will not give you less but rather give you more.

Extra Security for Cash Register Area

Money is what keeps the business alive, and it is the primary target of any robbery incidents. Therefore, creating a comprehensive guideline of keeping the drawer safe from possible intrusion is a must—providing guidelines to the employees to observe the strict implementation of the protocols, such as not leaving the drawer open and unattended. In addition, each employee must be responsible for their drawer, including sorting of the amounts at the end of their shift.

Furthermore, when employees leave the counter, they must know how long and far they can leave the counter. They must stay within the area that the counter is still reachable for sites. When transacting with customers with cash payments, focus on the transaction to avoid faults and disagreements.


Retail businesses can be crucial when the planning, organization, and implementation of the business protocols and plans are inaccurate and ineffective. Any business has its strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed and nurtured. The business’s success is through the unity of stakeholders, employees, and the experts handling the business to be safe and successful.