Search Engine Marketing – is SEO the Way to Go?

SEO illustration
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing a website making it rank higher in search engine results. Search engine marketing is the practice of getting traffic and visibility from organic and paid search. 

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms that are designed to scan web pages and collect information. Some search engines use design patterns called regular expressions to create wild card patterns that they use to make an approximation of related content and results. 

When a user requests a search result, the search engine’s algorithm goes to work collecting all the information on websites whose content closely matches the content of the search result. In most cases, it uses a search pattern as a template to index any websites that contain related content into an index. An index can be compared to a large book, one that a librarian would use to help them locate other books in the library. 

Once the algorithm completes collecting the pages into an index, it scans the web pages related to each index to match the content to the search query. The web pages with the closest match are assigned the highest quality factor and are returned with the highest ranking from the search query. 

SEO factors

Web designers and developers must know and stay up to date on the factors that search engines take into consideration when determining the order in which to rank websites from search results because these factors change often. 

Web Page Content

A search engine will read through the content of the website and compare it to the pre-defined search pattern associated with the search query and calculate a score. The higher the score, the closer the web page content is seen to match with the search query and is allocated a ‘relevant result’ marker and queued ready to be ranked and displayed. 

Web developers and designs need to create great content that is clear and concise. It must provide answers to the search query. 

Linkable Content

Content must be linkable, which means it must be sharable. The internet is a network and search engines do their best to create links between different sites to create ‘trees’ of knowledge or a library of things. They often disregard any content that is not linkable.

Uniquely Valuable Content

This means that the words on the website are not plagiarized. It means that the order of the words in the sentences only appears on that website, giving the search engine the impression that the information on the website offers a new, unique perspective. 

Intuitive User Interface

The website should feel natural for the user. It should be easy to use, load quickly, be visually appealing, compelling and render appropriately on all devices. 


SEO-friendly sites make use of frequently searched words in their content. These SEO keywords allow the search engine to easily make comparisons and match the search query to the web page and index it faster

It is important to use the keyword phrases at the start of the page, the title would be a good place because a search engine will assign higher relevance to keywords that appear at the start of the page. 

SEO Marketing

Search engines – Miami SEO Geek says, receive billions of search queries a day, providing billions of people with access to a wide variety of content. This makes it a great marketplace for brands to attract and build a loyal customer base. 

The higher a brand’s visibility, the more relevant and legitimate customers feel they are and more likely they are to do business with them.  The goal of SEO optimization is to take advantage of the free or paid customer attraction and create content that is relevant to attract customers and users to the site. If you are in Singapore and need SEO service then visit this SEO Singapore agency to give boost your online sales.