How To Renovate Your Restaurant On A Budget

restaurant remodeling
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Even if you loved how your restaurant looked when you first opened it, there will come a time when it needs to be updated and renovated. Fashions and styles change, personal tastes change, and you might just want to make everything look new and fresh to celebrate the next stage of your business. Whatever the reason behind it, the fact is you’ll need to make changes to your décor at some point.

Of course, making changes is going to cost money, but there are ways you can do it on a budget and still ensure it looks great and that your customers are going to enjoy eating in your restaurant. Read on for some useful tips so you can get started sooner rather than later.

Wall Art

If you want to make some changes but you don’t want to have to close the restaurant to make them or spend a lot of money on more in-depth work, something that can be a good idea is wall art. Although this can end up becoming expensive if you buy expensive art, you don’t have to do that; you can even make it yourself.

The key to art on your restaurant walls is that it should be unique and interesting, but not conflict with the rest of your décor. Something that always works well is to talk to local artists and either buy something from them or commission something. You might even form a partnership with them so that they can hang their art in your restaurant and patrons are able to buy it. This way, you’ll always have new and interesting art, and you won’t have to spend any money to have it.


Music isn’t exactly a renovation, but it can make a difference in your restaurant and customers will enjoy it—it might even make them eat more and leave a bigger tip as long as it’s music that makes them happy.

To get this right, you can use music streaming services for restaurants that are specially designed to create the right atmosphere. If you had no music before or you had music that wasn’t quite the right style, this change could be enough to make a big difference and pull in more customers.

Indoor Plants

Another very cost-effective way to renovate your restaurant that will be good for the customers as well as the staff is to bring indoor plants into the equation. You might want to put fresh flowers on each table (this makes such a difference if you’ve been using plastic ones or none at all as it really brightens up the dining area) or you could have hanging baskets by the door. Adding larger green plants in the corners of the room can also freshen things up.

By using plants, you don’t actually have to change the décor at all if you don’t want to, as the plants themselves can be enough to draw the eye. However, if you do want to change the wall color or design a new theme, try to incorporate the flowers or plants in too, as they definitely make for a better experience.