Refresh Your Brand with these four tools


Being a business owner comes with a ton of responsibilities. Perhaps, the most important one is to make decisions benefiting your business so it stays vibrant, profitable, and relevant. It is an awesomely heavy task, but as the executive decision-maker, you must always remain vigilant for the next opportunity to make your business a success.

A part of being successful rests in the arms of your brand and the awareness people have of it. Marketing can be challenging. It can also become expensive. Harvesting the fruits of good marketing is blissful. So any investment will be worth it in the long run. Thankfully, there are ways to boost your brand without breaking the bank. Below are four proven ways to refresh your brand at little cost.

Transportable Billboard

Whether you are traveling to a business engagement or going home to your family, your vehicle provides a fantastic opportunity to represent your business. You can put on your bumper a magnet or sticker promoting your brand. It’s that simple. If you have a company car, which you use for business only, you could even go as far as having a custom graphic placed on the window.

If you do not drive but rely on public transportation, it’s OK. You could get hats, jackets, or shirts with your logo on them. Perhaps you could brand your travel bag with a decal or button. It doesn’t have to be elaborate what you do, as long as it’s noticeable. Mobile billboards are an excellent way to build awareness. Wherever you go, locally or outside of city limits, people will see the brand of the business you’ve built.

Own A Business Vanity Number

Vanity numbers play a vital role in promoting your brand and upscaling your business. These alphanumeric phone numbers are easy to remember and they provide validity to your business. They are becoming more popular than ever among the businesses as their marketing tool.Owning a business vanity number has a number of benefits for your business. It gives your business a professional touch and enhances your credibility. Since you can use your brand name as the number, it can increase your business’s brand awareness.

Another significant characteristic of the vanity number is that it is extremely easy to remember which has its benefit. Today’s market is full of competition but your potential customers can call you instead of your competitors just because you have vanity number for your business and it was easy for them to recall when they needed the service you provide. This way you will always stay one step ahead of your competitors. and many other service providers make these business vanity numbers available for all kinds of businesses.

Company Business Cards

Business cards work well in networking situations or whenever you meet people you feel could benefit from your products or services. You want to have a unique and attractive design on your cards. People are more inclined to keep them around and use the cards if they aren’t ordinary and standard.

In many cases, your business card is the first look people get at your brand. The cards have to make a good impression at first glance. Make sure you include your website or any social media links on the card. Doing so will blend your online and offline marketing elements. The brand, color, logo, and so forth on your business card should be consistent with your other marketing efforts.

Another way to give people a reason to hold onto your card is by giving them a practical purpose. For example, you could make the back a ruler or magnet. You can also make the back a tracker as part of a loyalty program in which you can mark or punch out visits or frequent purchases.

Social Media

You can usually engage with the audience you build from the blog by using social media. Social media is a platform that allows customers a chance to build a genuine connection with your brand. Respond to customers promptly and always in a friendly and respectful fashion. By engaging with customers, it brings authentic value to your business brand because you are meeting them exactly where they are to address concerns or issues.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to build with social media, but it is essential to point out you need to have relevant networks. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your marketing staff by having your presence on too many various social media platforms. It will take up much of your time. If you exhaust some channels, they become less beneficial to your aims. Take time to research the audience you want to reach in order to find out which platforms they tend to use most regularly. Those are the ones needing the most attention.

All of your posts should add value to your brand. They also should be something valuable to your audience. The use of images is a great way to be seen when people share your posts or view them on people’s timelines. Also, take advantage of the effect certain colors have on people when creating your posts or uploading images. Research studies and behavioral analysis show that mauve elicits comforting feelings of devotedness and attachment within people. Red and orange are bold colors, which evoke feelings of urgency and captivate people’s attention.

Just as influencers are beneficial with your blog, they are just as significant to your social media connections. Having associations with influencers get their followers acquainted with your brand, and it also considerably supports your credibility.

With the brand-boosting tools and methods mentioned, the key thing to remember is consistency. How you present your brand on one platform should be the same on any others. You have nothing to lose if you make strategic marketing moves to improve your brand awareness. Only pick platforms that can offer you lucrative ROI. Time and money are both investments you want to see working for you and not against. Your brand should be cared for just as you would any assets. Take advantage of the tools and tips available online and make strides to completely refresh your brand. You can give your business growth and make it a success.