Reasons to Use Traffic Film Remover


A long time ago, when people cleaned their cars, all it had to be used was some car shampoo, and you are good to go. However, nowadays there are many different chemicals which are used for cleaning your car. There is a slight chance that you may have noticed traffic film removers while looking for products in any shop.

In this topic, it will be discussed why it is beneficial to consider using traffic film removers and what they are actually.

What is a traffic film remover?

Someone may know it as TFR (traffic film remover); it is a cleaning product made to remove road grime without causing any damage to the paintwork or any other mechanical part of your car. Usually, your car gets dirty over time because anything such as dirt, oil, or grit can get on your vehicle.

These things, if unattended, can be tough to scrub off. This is where TFR comes into play. When using this product, dirt is easily scrubbed off without a sweat. You do not need to scrub hard because the chemicals will be doing their job perfectly and will instantly remove anything without damaging your car.

This product is designed to be used on harder substances that usually any other car shampoo or product similar to shampoo will not do the job. It is important to note that while this topic is debated, TFR will not remove tar or any natural substances.

For these situations, you may need special products designed for situations like these. If your car is covered with dead bugs, you may need other products specially designed for this kind of situation as well. Other substances like mud cannot be removed with this product as well.

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How to apply it?

Like any other chemical, this one is pretty simple to use. What you want to do is spray the car with TFR and then grab something to rinse it off. A smart thing to use after TFR is to input a car shampoo, and then after applying, you should rinse it off.

Remember, car shampoo is only a recommendation, but you can consider using any other detailing product similar to shampoo. Now the question is, when should you use it? The answer is, infrequently. It is highly recommended to be used once in a few months.

Some people make a mistake and use it when they are washing their car. This is a big mistake, and it is not a bright thing to do. A critical thing to remember is that you should always wash off TFR after being applied because if left for too long, it can stain your car’s paintwork.

Another piece of advice that should be followed is never to apply TFR when it is hot outside or when you have decided to wash your car in sunlight. A good product to use when washing off TFR is a pressure washer to remove any stains of TFR off your vehicle.

With a pressure washer, you are activating the product faster, meaning that it will apply even when you are washing it off. But consider that it should definitely not be used when using products like clay or car shampoo.

A smart thing to do is to check for any labels which contain information about how strong the chemicals in TFR are. If they are strong enough, they can even remove wax from the car, but in other cases, wax or other harder substances may still be intact.

If you do not have a pressure washer, you should consider bringing it to a local shop with self-service or can even do the job for you. If you want to read more into this, click for more on this link.

What are the ingredients?

As written above, this product contains strong chemicals which should be handled only by professionals. More or less, it is made from acid or some other strongly mixed solvents, which, when combined together, make a strong bond. It is highly recommended to wear protective gear when working with any chemicals.

If you somehow get this product in your eyes or skin, it may be harsh to deal with. Always consider wearing gloves and glasses when using this product. Other than this, it is pretty straightforward to use.

What is their competition?

A lady washing her car

Many people are placing TFR in the same branch as snow foam products, but the truth is that they are very different and should be used on other occasions. Snow foam products are known for being mild and lighter, but the disadvantage of this product is that they cannot be as effective as TFR.

However, snow foam offers less risk of damaging your car if left unattended for some time, traffic film cleaners, which need to be removed immediately when applied. You can go for whatever you want to, it is really up to you and what you think is best for your vehicle. It is vital to always take care of your vehicle. If you have enough products to maintain your vehicle, then snow foam will be just enough to do the job. However, suppose you do not really attend your vehicle often. In that case, every once in a few months, you should consider using traffic film remover to simply maintain your vehicle.