R&M excelled in serving the Telecom Leader of India with its top-notch cabling solutions; progressively yielding strong affinity

• Successful alliance of 8 years with one of the leading telecom service providers of India, R&M continues to serve the client with advanced telecommunication cabling solutions
• Holding a key partnership in meeting client's growth & expansion plans, R&M has invested in India, reaps mutual benefits


R&M, a Swiss cabling systems developer and provider of high-quality fiber & copper solutions for network infrastructures around the world, has outshined in serving one of the most prominent telecom service providers of India, with its innovative cabling solutions & products.

The client, with more than 400 million active end users globally, holds an immense reputation and brand value in the Indian telecom market. With the implementation of 4G technology in telecommunication industry, the client had announced its growth & expansion plans to keep up pace with the market by serving their end customers with uninterrupted services.

R&M being closely associated with the client for a long time and having understood the requirements of the client’s portfolio, provided/served with superior cabling solutions for high – end communication networks. The future-proof solutions with Swiss precision & forward- looking system design assisted the client with secure voice, data and video transmissions.

While the implementation of 4G technology plans in India, the client was facing a major problem with the installers across the country. R&M had extended its hands in solving the issue with its well-trained technical & installer team to meet customer’s rapid expansion plans. The feedback to the issue was incorporated by the quick time parameter.

Shailendra Trivedi, Senior Director Sales at R&M India said, It’s a great privilege to be associated with the client who provides unbeatable data speeds to their end users. After the introduction of 4G speeds to India, the requirements, tastes and preferences of the customers have completely changed. Keeping the choices of end customers and priorities of the client in mind, R&M timely served the client with innovative cabling solutions to deliver the high speed & uninterrupted service.”

Our customers and partners around the world benefit from the high Swiss quality standard products. R&M always focus on manufacturing future-proof, modular solutions that ensure the investments are protected for a long time, in turn building long term customer relationships.” said Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director at R&M India.

R&M is considered as first choice for most of the organizations for network cabling solutions.The capability of providing Fiber & Copper solutions and innovative products as per Industry standards with after sales support, assisting in growth &expansion plans etc., makes them distinctive.

Why R&M cabling solutions? 

  • Unwavered Quality – With its skillful and experienced in-house design team, R&M manufactures products that undergo a series of quality checks to bring out future good solutions
  • Innovation Quotient – Research & Development team undertakes innovative activities and continually digs through the technology to identify and develop products matching the current trends
  • Testimonials Speaks Service – R&M pioneers in understanding the client requirements and deliver regional specific solutions through highly active logistics team with timely delivery of the products to the customer site. Thus, maintains strong & long term customer relationships
  • Sustainability Factor- R&M operates on exemplary ethical values and strikes a balance between economic, ecological and social factors in providing the services to the clients.