Top 5 Quiz Constructors for Businesses and Individuals


The quiz is a clever marketing move. Answering questions, a potential customer passes from the category of “interested” to the category of “buyer” directly. That’s why it’s important to choose the best constructor of quizzes. Here are the most popular constructors of quizzes.


Marquiz is one of the most popular designers of quizzes. This quiz is designed to get the maximum conversion. It is possible to create the logic of the quiz in the designer. For example, to set up the constructor so that a specific question appears after a certain answer to a previous question.


  • Interface can be compared to 22Bet because you won’t get confused, everything is clear and understandable.
  • A lot of convenient functions – just have time to use the right ones.
  • Cool editor – everything works correctly and clearly.
  • Great library of templates – no need to waste time on creating the desired quiz.


The main emphasis when creating quizzes Enquiz makes it possible to receive requests even without using the site. Quick quiz creation, several options such as:

  • A sales quiz.
  • Quiz questionnaire.
  • Quiz Quiz.
  • Entertaining quiz.
  • Quiz + chat.
  • Quiz to collect email.


  • Segmenting your audience – the ability to sell different products to different audiences.
  • Step-by-step user guide.
  • Over 50 ready-made templates.
  • Prices really suit any budget, classic subscription or results packages.


Flexbe assures you that your page will look like it was made by professional designers, because it was made by professional designers. Easy to create, affordable service that does not require any special skills. It automatically creates a mobile version of the site when you create the main site. 


  • Easy-to-use panel.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Branching in quizzes allows you to go to the next question depending on the answer to the previous one.
  • It allows you to create multi landings and geolandings.


The main specialization of the Moclients program is comprehensive digital marketing, conversion growth, advertising in social networks, and business process optimization. The constructor of quizzes has been in operation since 2015. They were among the first to start using quizzes as a sales tool.

The main emphasis on the following: every month free up to 10 applications for the quiz test, free on messengers and social networks, the order form is also free up to 10 applications per month, as well as the shareholder banner.


  • Ability to get up to 40% off their fees when you sign up affiliates.
  • Automatically creates a privacy policy.
  • When the number of applications grows, the cost of the package does not change.
  • Quiz can not only choose from templates, customize yourself, but also use the service to create a quiz.


LPmotor emphasizes support for creating marketing quizzes in the form of instructional videos, support for real people rather than chats and bots, and regular webinars on creating and expanding.


  • A/B tests – when you change elements, the service’s internal analytics will calculate which version brings more revenue.
  • Autotunnel sales – allows you to link the created web pages, which brings more orders.
  • When buying a year’s subscription they offer a domain as a gift.
  • Fast, detailed feedback from technical support.