How to Purchase Hidden Cheating Apps for Android

Spying app illustration

Have you ever tried using a hidden cheating app? Was it a free one, or did you buy it? Most of the applications people use are either free or on the free trial. On the other hand, there is a difference between free and paid versions.

Whenever you purchase a hidden cheating app, you get exclusive features that are unlimited. Your data security is guaranteed, and there are easier ways to access the data. Further, if the app says hidden, it will remain unknown.

We will use one app here, Spyic, as an example. This is an app that you need to buy before using it on the cheater’s phone. Let’s see how you go about the purchasing process and what you get out of that.

Part 1: Spyic – The Hidden Cheating App for Android

Spyic monitoring solution is an app that has received millions of downloads in more than 190 countries. There must be a reason for such recognition. One thing the users know is that it will always hide while on the targeted phone.

So, the cheater will never know that something is already installed on their phone. It uses a unique feature we call the stealth mode. It helps in hiding the app’s icon after the installation process.

Spyic also has other desirable qualities like no rooting before the installation process. You can use it on any Android device with version 4.0 and above. The reason why there is no rooting is that this app possesses cutting edge technologies.

They help Spyic to fetch all the cheater’s phone activities without altering how the phone functions. When it comes to installation, it will take you less than five minutes to complete. There are no special computer skills involved, which means everything is straight-forward.

Having an app that provides such attributes requires you to make a purchase. Why? Because it’s almost impossible to find an app that can provide all that with comprehensive cover for free. We cannot forget that you get to enjoy more than 35 features on a remote dashboard.

You can access it anywhere via your Spyic account if you have an internet connection. So, there is an added advantage when you spend on an app that will give you unlimited features.

Being accessible anywhere implies that you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to do it. So having purchased hidden cheating apps for Android like Spyic will enable you to get the cheater any time.

There is one more thing about Spyic. It will never sell your secrets or let anyone tamper with your evidence. It has a syncing policy that only avails the content in your account when you log in. When you are logged out, the information is discarded.

Now, before we see what Spyic will reveal about the cheater, let’s see how you go about the purchasing process.

Part 2: How to Purchase the Spyic Cheating App for Android


  • Make sure the targeted device has OS version 4.0 and above. You should access the device ones to install Spyic
  • Proper internet connection
  • A valid email address
  • A working credit card connected to your bank account or PayPal

Steps to Purchase the App

These steps can also apply to other paid cheating apps for Android. What may differ is the payment method and other sign up details.  

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the Spyic website. You will only need your email address and a password to do it. After that, choose the Android icon to proceed.

Step 2: You will see all the available plans. For Spyic, there are three of them, and they include Basic, Premium, and Family plans. Choose the one that suits the cheater and proceed to pay.

Step 3: There is the credit card option, or you can choose to pay using other methods. If you select the credit card, it means you will pay via the connected account. If you go for other methods, you will see the PayPal option.

Step 4: If you choose PayPal, make sure it’s funded before making the transaction. Regardless of the method, makes sure you fill in the required information correctly and comply with the privacy policy.

Step 5: Once the transaction is complete, you will receive an email with instructions to set up. Follow them to the letter and make sure you activate the hiding option before completing the installation.

After that, you can log in to your account remotely to see the results. Since you have purchased the application, the features here will be unlimited. They will include the following:

Part 3: Spyic Cheating App Features in Android

  • All the saved contacts in the device
  • The whole call log information which includes the contact details, timestamps, and call duration
  • All the sent and received messages together with contacts and timestamps
  • Real-time location of the phone and all the previously visited places
  • Geofencing where you will get alerts when the cheater goes to specific zones
  • All the social media activities from all the apps used
  • Installed third-party applications
  • SIM Card location and details
  • Calendar notes
  • All the keylogger reports which consist of all the recorded keystrokes. You can use this feature to collect usernames and passwords

Now, do you see why you should purchase an app for the cheater? If you have not seen it yet, we will break down a couple of advantages for you.

Part 4: Why Should You Purchase a Hidden Cheating App for Android?

Still by taking Spyic as an example, here are the advantages you realize:

  • Since you want it to remain hidden after installation, Spyic will stay that way
  • It also requires minimal time to acquire and set it up. This one needs five minutes only
  • The results will appear remotely and in real-time via your online account
  • Spyic occupies less than 2MB on the cheater’s phone. So, apart from hiding, he or she will not be suspicious about the sudden loss of memory
  • There is no battery drain when fetching the data
  • You can access the details anywhere since the dashboard is online and it works with all browsers
  • When you purchase, there are no hidden charges after that. You also pay for the whole package regardless of what you want to investigate
  • Spyic can be removed from the cheater’s phone remotely via the online dashboard. There is an uninstallation button that helps in remote removal of the application


By now, you have seen how you can go about purchasing a cheating app for Android. You have also known why it’s advisable to buy the app instead of depending on a free one. 

For an application like Spyic, it will stay hidden all through, and you get everything you need remotely.

Free apps may not hide as much, and you are also prone to attacks and malware introduction. On the other hand, paying means, you have guaranteed protection. Even when you get hacked, you will have someone to point fingers at.