Protect Your Note 20 like a Boss

Note-20 case

The Samsung galaxy note 20 is a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing phone. It has a 6.9-inch 120Hz display, which many believe to be one of the best in the industry. Undoubtedly, it has several other unique features that distinguish it from other devices.

When you purchase the Note 20 smartphone, it’s clear that you will have a decent device by your side. With a display as massive as this, you’ll want to protect it against damage – obviously. There is an extra layer of protection to the screen, which is the gorilla glass victus. This is a considerable upgrade from the gorilla glass 6 and the Note 20 is the first flagship phone to utilize it. This new addition can help your phone survive drops of up to 6.5 feet, even on hard surfaces.

While this extra layer of protection safeguards your pricey phone from damage, it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible. You will still need to use a note 20 case to fortify protection.

The Importance of Using a Note 20 Case

People spend a considerable amount of money when purchasing phone cases. It’s not easy to avoid accidental phone drops. However, it’s possible to protect your phone against damage when it does drop. The gorilla glass layer on your note 20 is convenient, but not enough.

Why You Will Need a Steady Phone Case

1. Visual appeal:

While the primary motive of purchasing a note 20 case is to safeguard your phone – you still want it to look good. Cases come in different shapes and designs, which gives you the liberty to choose your most preferred option. You may be a more functional dresser, and would then choose a standard everyday case. If you’re more into flair, color will play a big part. There are even customizable cases that allow you to add your pictures to them – a great way to personalize your phone’s protection.

2. To safeguard the phone:

The right note 20 case covers the screen and back. With a raised bezel, you will easily place your screen facing down without worrying about scratches. Drop protection in most varieties of cases also keeps your device safe from damage during drops. 

3. Adds much needed grip:

Most phones these days, including the Samsung Note 20, have a smooth surface. Phones cases with a textured back, help improve your grip. You can chat and take photos with ease, with the comfort in knowing that your phone is safe from slipping. 

4. Versatility:

Typical phone cases only protect your phone, and maybe excite the eye. However, an emerging trend in phone cases involves adding features that make life a little easier. Some of these hacks include having a wallet at the back of the phone case. Thus, you can store your credit cards, money, and other tiny essentials in your note 20 case. This helps you evade the struggles of carrying an extra wallet.

5. The ease of customization:

Imagine a scenario where you want a picture at the back of your phone. While using stickers can work, it may be messy when applying or removing the addition. With customizable phone cases, you can add and remove your pictures quickly and easily. It doesn’t have to be a picture, but any design that speaks to you. 

6. Protects your credit cards:

Fraud and identity theft are on the rise. However, technology has always offered a solution. RFID-blocking phone cases help secure your credit cards against ill-minded individuals.

Getting a phone case has its fair share of advantages. You never know when you will drop your pricey gadget. And what cost will the repair be? Is it worth taking the risk?

Which Designs Can I Find?

There are tons of phone case designs available in the market.

Types of Phone Case Designs

There’s everything from synthetic leather to plastic, and even more exotic materials like carbon fibre and real leather. Ultimately, the choice of which to buy is yours. As you look at the ones that are aesthetically pleasing, equally consider the factors we touched on above.

Final Thoughts

Samsung note 20 is a worthy phone to buy. After purchasing the phone, remember to get the right case to safeguard it, in case of accidental drops. Do your research and get the best note 20 case to buy, and protect your note 20 like a boss.