Pros and Cons of Solar-Powered Air Conditioners

Image Source: Origin Energy

Air conditioning is essential in every home in Singapore. The hot and humid weather all year round necessitates a functional air conditioner to serve every room in your home. Homeowners are thus on the lookout for the latest air conditioning technology to make their homes more comfortable.

While a conventional AC system can make your home a perfect getaway, it also increases your home’s power consumption. Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity (approximately 16% of the total electricity used), and you need to consider a more affordable home cooling option.

A solar air conditioning unit is one of the best home improvement ideas for modern homes. These innovative air conditioning systems harness clean energy from the sun to keep your indoor living space cool and comfortable.

This post explores solar ACs in detail, including their advantages and disadvantages.

About Solar Air Conditioners

A traditional air conditioning system relies on electricity from the mains to provide cool air through ductwork inside your home. This system works by compressing a refrigerant using a high-power motor to transform it from a gas into a liquid under high pressure. It is a process that requires a lot of electricity from the grid.

A solar air conditioner solves the problem by harnessing electricity power from the sun. This system works by using an external heat source in the form of solar panels. The panels collect ambient temperature to heat the refrigerant. While regular air conditioners rely on electricity from the mains for the compression process, a solar AC uses energy from the sun.

You can also opt for a solar hybrid air conditioner which combines Photovoltaic Technology (PV) with Direct Current (DC). The system switches automatically between battery power and solar energy. When working in hybrid mode, the AC charges the batteries through solar panels.

When not in hybrid mode, the system gets energy from the battery backup. At the same time, the batteries charge from regular alternating current power.

Why invest in a Solar Air Conditioner?

If you are building a new home or you have an ongoing remodel, it’s important to consider the best air conditioning system. While there are many AC systems on the market, a solar powered air conditioner offers multiple benefits, including:

Save on Utility Costs

A solar-powered ducted air conditioning unit will save you a lot of money in the long run. While the initial purchase and installation cost might run high, you’ll end up saving money by reducing reliance on the grid. Whether you have a solar-powered AC or a hybrid AC unit, harnessing solar energy helps you minimize the cost of home maintenance.

Clean Energy

Solar energy has been hailed as the cleanest energy available. It is the first option for homeowners who want to embrace the idea of green living and conserve the environment. Unlike electricity from the mains, which rely on burning carbon fuel, solar energy reduces greenhouse emissions.

Any time you switch from the grid, you will be making a great contribution to environmental conservation. This is an easy way to reduce your property’s carbon footprint and conserve the environment for future generations.

Minimal Disruptions

The best solar air conditioner Singapore suppliers help you find the best location for your solar panels. This guarantees more exposure for photovoltaic panels and a reliable supply of solar energy. You will thus suffer minimal disruptions in power supply during storms when power lines are prone to damage.

Low Maintenance

Once you install the solar AC system, there are minimal costs of maintenance. These systems work seamlessly and you don’t have to hire technicians for repairs or buy costly replacement parts. For instance, Enovatek Energy solar air conditioners come with industry-leading warranties.


It’s possible to access easy financing solutions for your solar-powered system on the market. There are local and foreign organizations, banks and government initiatives helping local solar companies to offer financing, subsidies, and tax incentives.

Limitations of Solar Air Conditioners

High Initial Costs

Installing a good solar AC unit is costly. You have to pay for the solar panels, inverter, batteries, electrical wiring, and for the professional installation. However, the solar AC system offers returns in the long run in terms of energy savings.

Reliance on Weather

Weather patterns in Singapore like other places in the world have become unpredictable. This affects the efficiency of solar power. However, you can mitigate this with a hybrid solar AC.

Deterioration of Solar Panels

Due to their exposure to the elements, solar panels might suffer damage which affects the efficiency of the air conditioning. However, buying high-quality solar panels that have long-running warranty can protect your investment.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioning is essential in the hot and humid Singapore weather. To mitigate the high cost of running a conventional air conditioner, you need to consider a solar-powered AC. This system harnesses sun energy to keep your home cool. It is a smart way to save money, conserve the environment, reduce reliance on the grid and keep your home comfortable.