Pros and Cons of Portable Mini Projector

Mini projectors

Portable mini projectors are the most trending technical gadgets nowadays. Whether you want it for your office presentation or as an entertainment package for your home, it can work either way. It is also less expensive than television sets and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Every technical gadget has pros and cons. These mini projectors are widely used by offices as well as at home.

 Here are some pros and cons of mini projectors.

Pros of mini projectors

  • Cost-effective – Portable mini projector is less expensive than many more gadgets doing the same thing. It gives you all the best features in less price. The range is quite affordable and will not make your budget out of the hill.
  • Mobility – Mini projectors are light weighted and can be easily moved. It is versatile, as well. One can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It is also very comfortable to carry it while you are on office tours. It will help you in the presentation and will be a brilliant move.
  • Three dimensional – It can process three-dimensional movies and videos without additional costs. If you want 3d quality on your television, then you have to go for smart tv and enroll for these services. It is hassle-free, economical for viewing 3d shows, movies, and presentations.
    There are many options for brightness and display. Projectors use light for producing the image. If you want outdoor viewing, then you will need 3000 lumens. Room having less light or no light will need 1000-2000 lumens.
  • Easy installation-  Portable mini projectors are light weighted and are very easy to install. They don’t need expert supervision for installation. You can put it out on a table, plugged in, used, and keep it again. Mounting a projector is easy, once you get the proper distance. It is ready to use.
  • Space- Projectors are relatively small. Generally, it is 6-18 inches across. This is the main reason for their portability. They occupy less space and can be put out when not in use.
  • Eye strain- Spending more time in front of screens can be stressful for your eyes. Projectors with 3000 lumens will enable its usage in more lightrooms. The larger screen helps in reducing eye strain. Projectors allow you to adjust the size according to you.

Cons of portable projectors

  • Noise- Portable mini projectors have an inbuilt fan that helps to keep the lamp fresh. This fan creates a lot of disturbance in the background and hampers sound quality. For good sound quality, you have to turn up the volume as required.
  • Maintenance – The projector needs constant support. It uses a lamp for viewing the image. The lamp quickly burns out and needs replacement. To avoid this crisis one should allow the fan to cool down the lamp before shutting it down. This trick helps to provide it with a long life and also saves maintenance costing. In most of the projectors, the lamp burns out quite often and leads to more investment.
  • Colour accuracy and resolution- While using a projector, you need to have a white screen because other colours will not provide colour accuracy. A screen that has colours other than white can throw off the different colours leaning towards a dull image.
    However, these projectors have a specified range that will give more resolution accuracy. You need to set it manually.
  • light- light plays a vital role in image quality. More light needs more lumens. The more lumens means more cost. The light makes the pictures white. A dark room gives a more quality image. For using it in a bright room or outdoor area, one needs to buy a projector with 3000 lumens otherwise it won’t work.
  • Accessories-  Portable mini Projectors need extra accessories to work correctly. For good or Dolby sound effects you need separate speakers. The sound quality is not satisfactory and creates a lot of noise in the background.

Projectors are nowadays ruling the market. Mini portable projectors are widely appreciated for their size and cost. The more you invest, the more advanced model you can have. Some projectors need a lot of maintenance. These are inexpensive compared to many tech gadgets and provide excellent service as well.