PNY Technologies & Boston Showcases NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPU in Broadcast India show 2018


PNY Technologies, a global technology leader with over 30 years’ experience in the professional graphics market and an NVIDIA value-added distribution preferred partner, participated in Broadcast India show 2018. In the event, PNY showcased the demo on new NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs that brings hardware-accelerated ray tracing, Artificial Intelligence, advanced shading and simulation to creative professionals.

Conducted in association with Boston, one of the leading system integrators, the event was focused on giving a first-hand experience for its customers in the Entertainment and Broadcast Industry. Broadcast India offers a platform for the technology leaders & opinion leaders to provide effective solutions for the companies and corporations and to bring the knowledge of the latest technology for the entertainment industry to the doorsteps of the Indian technocrats and business personnel of this trade.

In the event, Mr. Peter ButlerRegional ManagerProfessional Solutions UK India at PNYTechnologies said “It has always been our endeavor to provide the best of professional graphics solutions for the industry. Keeping customer delight as the focal point for all our innovations, we at PNY continuously engage with our customers through leading industry platforms, like Broadcast India show etc., to bring in state of the art solutions. The visitors of the event were impressed with NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUS dedicated ray-tracing processors called RT Cores that accelerate the computation of how light and sound travel in 3D environments at up to10 Giga Rays per second for better and improved Turing architecture. Broadcast India show has a rich tradition of pulling the largest audience from media and infotainment industry together to witness the latest products and gain in-depth knowledge about them. We are excited at the opportunities that this event may throw up!

Designed, built and tested by NVIDIA, Quadro® desktop products are the #1 choice of millions of creative and technical users. Equipped with the world’s most powerful GPUs, large memory capacities, 8K display outputs, advanced features to drive real-time photorealistic rendering, AI-augmented workflows, VR environments and more, Quadro is built to accelerate a range of professional workflows. They far surpass the previous generation with groundbreaking technologies, including:

  • New RT Cores to enable real-time ray tracing of objects and environments with physically accurate shadows, reflections, refractions, and global illumination
  • Turing Tensor Cores to accelerate deep neural network training and inference, which are critical to powering AI-enhanced rendering, products, and services
  • New Turing Streaming Multiprocessor architecture, featuring up to 4,608 CUDA® cores, delivers up to 16 trillion floating point operations in parallel with 16 trillion integer operations per second to accelerate complex simulation of real-world physics
  • Advanced programmable shading technologies to improve the performance of complex visual effects and graphics-intensive experiences
  • First implementation of ultra-fast Samsung 16Gb GDDR6 memory to support more complex designs, massive architectural datasets, 8K movie content and more
  • NVIDIA NVLink® to combine two GPUs with a high-speed link to scale memory capacity up to 96GB and drive higher performance with up to 100GB/s of data transfer
  • Hardware support for USB Type-C™ and VirtualLink™ (1), a new open industry standard being developed to meet the power, display and bandwidth demands of next-generation VR headsets through a single USB-C™ connector
  • New and enhanced technologies to improve the performance of VR applications, including Variable Rate Shading, Multi-View Rendering, and VRWorks Audio

The event took place on 25-27th October in the presence of key executives of the PNY leadership team, Peter Butler – Regional Manager Professional Solutions UK & India, Manges Karhaadkar – Country Leader India, Manzoor Elahi Khan – Key Account Manager South and Tarun Paul – Key Account Manager North. PNY team discussed the power of the new NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs which are designed for the most demanding visual computing workloads, such as those used in film and video content creation; automotive and architectural design; and scientific visualization.