Platinum Capital One Credit Card – All You Need To Know


Platinum Credit Card from Capital One is a worth-considering credit card if you are trying to improve your credit score.

A higher credit score can open several options for credit cards for you. Therefore, everyone with a poor credit score will definitely want to increase it by some means.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the route for increasing the credit score goes through the use of credit cards as well.

There are several credit cards that are offered by finance companies, that can help you increase and maintain the credit score. However, such credit cards have few other undesirable features stitched to them.

In this article, we are going to quickly review the Platinum offer from Getmyoffer Capital One pre-approved card that can help you rebuild your credit score. 

What Is a Platinum Credit Card From Capital One? 

First things first, you need a 580+ credit score to be eligible for this credit card. The major positives of this credit card include a $0 annual fee, no international transaction fee, and no balance transfer fee.

Another advantage of this card is that if you can make your payments well on time for the first five months then you may be offered a high credit line. This will be quite beneficial for increasing your credit score as well. 

Though there is no APR for late fee payments, there is a fixed late fee fine of $39 appended to every late fee. Moreover, a returned-payment fee of $39 is also there.

Apart from these high fine fees, an APR of 25.99% is applied on every purchase and balance transfer, however, a 26.99% APR is charged for all cash advances.

Other Features of Platinum Credit Card

Apart from the Major features which we have discussed in the previous section, there are several other features worth noting. 

To start with there is no fraud liability if in any unfortunate event you have lost your card. 

As this card is for rebuilding your credit score there is no cashback reward or any kind of reward associated with this card. However, you will get alerts if your credit score changes and that is for free. The offers can be availed online on getmyoffer capital one website. 

As far as the usage of this credit card is concerned you can use it anywhere a MasterCard can be used. Moreover, you can receive an emergency replacement card along with a cash advance if your card gets missing.

By using this credit card you can also register on the Capital One app from where you can manage this credit card quite easily. You can check your payment histories, charges that are applied, or even set your due date as well. 

Furthermore, you can also decide which payment method you are going to use, which is through a check, by visiting the branch, or through the online or mobile app. Through the app, you can also lock your card in an unfortunate event where your card has lost. 

Final Words On Platinum Capital One Credit Card

although high APR and a late fee are associated with the use of a platinum Capital One credit card, discard may be suitable for you if you want to rebuild your credit score. 

Responsible use of this credit card can definitely help you increase your credit score so that you can switch to a much better credit card that has cash back rewards and some other reward offers.