Phishing Protection Tips for the Pandemic Era

Phishing attack illustration

In this article, we are going to discuss what are the phishing protection tips for the pandemic era, and how you can protect your online information from cybercriminals and phishing attacks.

In this pandemic area, there are more chances for increasing cybercrimes. So, to protect your online data and information such as your credit card details, username, passwords, digital signatures, etc., you need phishing protection services.

The topics we are going to cover in this article below are:

  • What is Phishing?
  • Types of Phishing attacks
  • Tips to Protect Your Online Data from Phishing Attacks
  • Conclusion

So, let’s start with the very first thing that we should know, what phishing is.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is an attack where the cyber attackers do a fraud to obtain the information like username, password, credit card numbers, etc from the user by sending them a fraud email, text message, link, and other.

Here are some common phishing traps in which you may trapped by the cyber attackers:

  • You receive a message with a link, once you click on that link, your system starts downloading malware without informing you, and it will steal all your information.
  • The attacker creates a clone site which is famous and sends its URL to you. You open the site and enter your original login details. Once you do this, you are trapped and send your login information to him.
  • You receive an email which looks like it is from your bank. You open the link attached with it and redirect to the page which looks the same as the page of your bank’s website. You asked for a login, and you entered it. Once you do this, you are trapped.

Types of Phishing Attacks

The five common types of Phishing attacks are mentioned below:

  1. Spear Phishing
  2. Email Phishing
  3. Whaling
  4. Smishing (SMS Phishing) and Vishing (Voice Phishing)
  5. Angler Phishing

Tips To Protect Phishing Attacks for The Pandemic Era

Now, it is a time to discuss how you can protect your online information from the cybercriminals. We suggest you check

In this COVID-19 pandemic era, it is seen that there are so many sites that make sure it will find the nearby COVID infected person and charge you money for that.

They named them “COVID Finder”, this scam expanded too fast and fraud with many people. So, here we are going to discuss the tips that will help you to protect your online data from Phishing Attacks.

  • Make sure the site is genuine by doing some research over it before doing any step.
  • Never trust easily the emails on your spam folders.
  • Get aware about the phishing attacks and general information.
  • Do not enter your personal information and bank details on any website without any knowledge of it.
  • Install a spam protection and phishing filter on your browser and email to improve and enhance email security.
  • Do not click on the spam links and unique domains.
  • Never provide your information when you receive a fake call where they ask you for your personal and ID details.
  • Aware others also about the phishing attacks and how to protect your email from phishing.

So, these are some of the special tips that can help you by providing email phishing protection and protection from phishing attacks also.

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At the end of this article, you know what is phishing and how you can protect data from phishing attacks by cybercriminals. We hope you like the content and found helpful information and tips to prevent phishing attacks. If you have any doubts and queries regarding this article, then let us know by dropping your comment in the comment section below.