Our Review of Parashara Light – Top Features, Benefits and Pricing in 2020

Kundli software illustration

Parashara Light is a Vedic Software that has got popular over the past few years. All the Vedic astrological calculations can be done with rapid ease through this software. It is available in 8 different languages including English and Hindi.

Let us review Parashara Light in terms of its features, benefits and pricing for 2020 and see if it fits the bill for you and your family requirements.

Top Features of Parashara Light

Worksheet Screens

By using Parashara Light, astrologers get access to a redesigned worksheet that contains Navamsha, Dashas, Birth charts and more. You can even customize the layout and corresponding contents within the particular as per your client’s needs.

Offers multiple ways to look at a Transit

With the help of Parashara Light, you get multiple ways of looking at any transit. Each of these has its own purpose or advantage. Worksheets can also be used to look at these transits for any specific event. Animated transits are also available in Parashara if you wish to look for transits for a longer time period.

Collection of Yogas

You will also get a collection of Yogas in Parashara Light that has been collected from different books. A detailed report pertaining to the chart can be made from this collection. The selection of any yoga from the list and reading its effect in detail is possible in a simultaneous manner.

Integration among different screens

Parashara Light has been designed in such a way that different data entry screens integrate into a single dialog box in an efficient manner. Navigation between different screens is thus a child’s play when this Vedic Software is used. Moreover, users can also integrate detailed and meaningful descriptions with every event as per their own choice.

Fast working Change Location Tool

Astrologers who use Vedic software have to prepare multiple birth charts in a single day. Parashara has been designed in such a way that you can change the birth location of your client in an instant and the software will recalculate all the planetary positions in an efficient manner. Thus helping you to create new charts for your client in an instant.

Personalized tutorial material

Parashara offers personalized tutorial material that proves helpful to any new and budding astrologer. The basics of Vedic astrology have been explained with precision in this tutorial and if a budding astrologer goes through these seriously, their knowledge on the particular subject is bound to increase multifold.

File Manager

Parashara comes with a dedicated file manager module of its own. These file management systems have been designed in such a manner that the user can save all the files in an organized manner and check the particulars based on their exact date and name. This software is thus a repository of work and the user can get back to old birth charts too for some reference if the need so arises.

Benefits of Parashara Light Vedic Software

With the help of this astrology software, Astrologers can make accurate predictions that are based on tables, charts and reports that can be easily interpreted.

The key benefits of Parashara Vedic Software are:

  • Parashara offers the intuitive facility of tracking, through which dates and names of created reports can be found instantly.
  • Users can generate customizable charts and can derive interpretations based on the same.
  • The software comes with an inbuilt atlas with the help of which different time zones and latitudes can be tracked easily.
  • Parashara has been designed in such a manner that it supports distinct kinds of Vedic astrological calculations and thus can be used by new and experienced astrologers with ease. You will also get access to a graphical interface that supports all kinds of astrological calculations.
  • The software is equipped with an effective file management system of its own and you will have instant access to all old reports and calculations.

Pricing in 2020

Parashara Vedic software has been priced competitively keeping the needs of different kinds of users in mind.

The Vedic Software is available in four variants:

  1. Light Personal Edition
  2. Light ver 9.0 Professional (Mac)
  3. Light ver 9.0 Professional (Windows)
  4. Light Commercial Edition

The cost of Light Personal Edition is Rs 5,000/-. It comes with all basic features and is appropriate for personal use and for astrologers who are beginners in this field. They can get to bigger variants as they learn the basics of astrology which are effectively catered by this version.

Light Commercial Edition is available for Rs 12,000/- and is effective for those who wish to pursue Astrology as a career. As they learn and progress in the field, they can move on to Light version 9.0 Professional (Mac) or Light version 9.0 Professional (Windows) which costs Rs 20,000. The ease of use and backend support that users get in Parashara Light makes it one of the best Vedic Software available in the market.