Pancake Slip Ring And Its Specifications

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There are many devices where the required task is only done by the performance of rotation object, for this purpose we use pancake slip ring.

Pancake slip ring is a device, used for the transmission of electric voltage. It transmits the electric signals from static part to the rotary part of the machine. Pancake slip ring are basically used where vertical space is limited than horizontal speed. It housing is as same as through bore slip ring but special focus is on less height

  • How pancake slip ring is different from other slip rings?

 The major difference between these two slip rings is that pancake slip ring is flat and platter type in dimension and height of pancake slip ring is very low. Pancake slip ring is specially designed where vertical space is less than horizontal. Pancake slip rings are advances fiber brush technology with low torque and less friction.

  • How pancake slip ring work?                          

Pancake slip ring works same as high voltage slip ring. It also has two parts. One is stationary part and other is rotating part. Stationary part is made up of graphite or metallic. It is designed with high fiber brush technology.

The structure of pancake slip ring is not difficult as others. Conduction material is attached on flat plate and metal rings are attached on shaft. The volume and diameter of pancake slip ring varies with application and requirement. Special metals are used for connection making.

When the rotation of pancake slip ring starts, metallic brush which is stationary part of slip ring converts the electric signals to the metallic ring. Transmission of electric power is from stationary to rotary part. Check slip ring manufacturers more information

  • Electrical specifications:
  • Number of circuits are 2-48
  • Current rating is about 5-20A in each circuit
  • Its dielectric strength is less than 500V at the frequency of 50HZ
  • Voltage rating is 240/440 VAC/DC
  • Electrical noise is maximum 10micro ohm
  • Insulation resistance of pancake slip ring is about 1000M ohm @ VDC
  • Mechanical specifications:
  • The inner diameter is approximately 12,7 -80mm
  • The thickness of pancake slip ring is about 20mm to 91.9mm.
  • Contact material is made up of metal or Gold
  • Cable length is about 300mm
  • Housing material is made up of Aluminum
  • Temperature range is about -30 degree centigrade to 80 degree centigrade
  • Degree of protection is IP51 and it might be high on demand
  • Rings are 2~36
  • Without hole size is solid ~120mm an it can also be customized
  • Pancake slip ring is available in 18 different types faces
  • Advantages of pancake slip ring :
  • High vacuum technology and special metallic brush increases the working ability and transmit the rotating performance.
  • Most important advantage about pancake slip ring is it produces low electric noise with low torque and less friction.
  • They can also be combined with fluid media to transmit the signals such as hydraulic or pneumatic slip ring.
  • Efficient results can occur when pancake slip ring is combined with silver
  • Applications of pancake slip ring:
  • It is used in many electromechanical devices and mostly where less height is required. Pancake slip ring is mostly used in automobile show rooms, motors, microwave oven and in offshore cranes.
  • Due to its flat structure it is used for low medium speed and where less height is required.
  • In automobile show rooms pancake slip ring are used, because of rotation of heavy mass. Normally vehicles are tend to move in circular path and pancake slip ring is behind it’s functioning.
  • Mostly off shore cranes have combination of different types of slip rings, but mostly pancake slip ring is used there.
  • The common use of pancake slip ring is in microwave oven. The disc in microwave rotates due to pancake slip ring.
  • These are available in different number of tracks and speed of operation.
  • Important tips for selecting a pancake slip ring:
  • There are many instructions that you must follow before selecting a pancake slip ring. Some of these are following:
  • If you are looking for outdoor use of pancake slip ring then the slip ring should be water proof. Keep the weather conditions in your mind, because many people neglect it and in heavy rain it becomes problem.
  • There must be extra safety if you are using pancake slip ring for mining or any other place where explosion of device have more chances.
  • If the use of pancake slip ring is on height, then it’s important to specify by the company, because safety needs here.
  • Pancake slip ring varies with their RPM, because different slip rings have different RPM. Some require more and some requires less. So, select carefully according o your requirement. It will able to work properly and efficiently.

Some best models of pancake slip ring are following

  1. Senring SNK series:

This model of pancake slip ring is best for low heighted systems. SNK series provides low resistance as well as less friction

  • JINPAT LPK Series:

This model of pancake slip ring is best for minimum thickness like 6mm. There is no problem of connection dropping due to their advance technology. It has high rotating speed with low noise.

  • Moflon MP220 Series:

This model is made up of aluminum alloy with the thickness of 18mm to 22mm. the different thing about this type of ring is that resistance is very low.

  • RotarX Pancake slip ring:

The rotating speed of this model is 300rpm. Its housing is made up of aluminum alloy with temperature range of -30 degree centigrade to 80 degree centigrade

  • Asian tool slip ring:

These are also famous for low resistance, low torques and less noise. This model of pancake slip ring is economical.

  • Conclusion:

Pancake slip ring is a flat and disc like. It transmits the electric signals from stationary part to rotating parts. It has advanced fiber brush technology with less friction, less resistance, low torque and less noise. It is normally used where less height is required. It is also used in offshore cranes, microwave and in motors. It is available in many models with different faces and diameters.