Not sure which VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider is the best one for you?

Nord vpn vs ip vanish vpn

Here’s a comprehensive (tested) review of both the VPN services and irrespective of what you may have read on other sites (or other communication channels) — both the NordVPN as well as the IPVanish perform almost identically. And the best one for you — is one that caters to your needs. You can also consider the pirate bay proxy services for more secured access.

However, if you ask for my personal evaluation— I would prefer IPVanish over NordVPN — given the affordable subscription rate (for similar functionality).

On the strength of the above claim, read on to ascertain why my inclination is towards IPVanish over the (industry-leading) NordVPN service. In this guide, you will find the IPVanish and NordVPN comparison based on speed, security, and a few other critical factors.

IPVanish Vs. NordVPN: Security

A VPN, above all, should have the highest order of security. Here’s where they both stand:

Encryption levelAES-256-bit keyAES-256-GCM—4096-bit DH key
Kill-Switch (data leaks)DNS on all device supported by IPVanishDNS on all devices supported by NordVPN.
VPN protocolsIKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP (accessibility depends on the device)IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, WireGuard (tunneling protocol technology by NordVPN)

Both, NordVPN and IPVanish, offer the same — military-grade encryption level and are second to none in terms of security. You will not have concern regardless of the one you choose.

Still, in regards to the VPN protocol, NordVPN takes a plus point as it has a self-developed technology — NordLynx — claimed as one of the fastest and secure VPN protocols.

Moreover, NordVPN has a built-in ad blocker which IPVanish does not; nonetheless, you can use a third-party blocker in addition to that.

Another constituent to weigh in is the 500GB of secure storage that comes with IPVanish (for just 5 dollars more/year).

IPVanish Vs. NordVPN: Servers

NordVPN has the fourth-largest server count of all known VPN services, and IPVanish does not come anywhere near it.

The official count of NordVPN servers is: 5422 servers present across 59 countries.

IPVanish, on the other hand, has 1600+ servers across 75 locations.

Presumably, it seems that NordVPN has taken the point here, but IPVanish does deserve praise for a comprehensive chain of servers across the globe. Besides, IPVanish also presents 40000+ shared servers globally, giving you better security and privacy.

Irrespective of the disproportion in the server count, both allow you to access almost all prominent online services.

IPVanish Vs. NordVPN: bypass restrictions.

For many users, security and online anonymity are of less concern, while the ability of the VPN to bypass geographical and government-imposed restrictions is what signifies.

Major Streaming and online services:

When it comes to superior streaming services like — Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO max, and other online platforms like Minecraft, Fortnite, etc.,  — both perform well and bypass the limitation successfully.


Both allow you to stream and obtain the content from all regions: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, and many more.

So, if the priority is to unlock content — you should subscribe to IPVanish because, as mentioned, it extends what NordVPN grants and costs way less.

IPVanish Vs. NordVPN: Speed

One of the best characteristics of both NordVPN and IPVanish is they do not ask you to compromise speed in return for security.

Local servers speed results:

While testing, NordVPN reduced the internet speed by 19%, whereas IPVanish throttled the connection by 22% for local servers.

Distant servers speed results:

IPVanish performed well when connected to distant servers in comparison to NordVPN. For instance, when connected to the Mumbai server — NordVPN did not perform well, reducing the connection speed by 31%. In contrast, when connected to the same server (via IPVanish), the rate did not diminish significantly (only 23 percent).

So, depending on the requirement, whether you want to access a distant server or localized RDP, and make your choice.

Streaming quality

If the internet connection supports 4K, then don’t despair, as both will permit you to stream in the same quality without any buffering.

For gaming

Both performed well and have low latency levels, and while playing COD and Fortnite — there wasn’t any lag at all.

For torrenting

NordVPN stands atop IPVanish but only slightly — given the P2P dedicated servers. IPVanish did not perform poorly, but in comparison, it was not near the NordVPN speed. For instance, when downloading the same movies (of 2.7GB) — NordVPN finished downloading in 37 minutes, while IPVanish took 51 minutes to download the same file. The internet connection speed did not fluctuate much and was pretty much gave the same rate while downloading both the files.

IPVanish Vs. NordVPN: Price

As mentioned, several times in this article — IPVanish has a more affordable subscription rate and offers the best value for money.

But you cannot criticize NordVPN too, even though it has a considerable subscription rate but only when you purchase the two or three years plan — and that requires a bold commitment.

Trial-periodSeven days (credit card credentials required)No — subscription required to use
Money-back guarantee30 days, 100% refundable30 days, 100% refundable
Subscription rate$99.12 / 2 years plan (one-time payment)   $11.95/ month     $44.99/ annual plan   $4.99/month    

Customer support:

Both the VPN providers have dedicated customer support 24/7.

The refunding process was smooth; moreover, there wasn’t much questioning from both the services while asking for the money back after a week of use.


While both the VPN providers, NordVPN and IPVanish, offer excellent service, be it the speed, customer support, bypassing restrictions, or security — IPVanish gives the best value for money. And if you are looking for a VPN that offers optimum security, speed, anonymity with being affordable — IPVanish is the VPN for you. Check out Assguard vpn if you are not happy with the these two. Assguard vpn comes with all of the features you’d expect from a VPN service. This incorporates the very same AES-256 encryption that huge government and banks agencies use to protect their data.