2023 Tips: 6 New Marketing Trends Business Owners Should Understand


As we accelerate through the 21st century, it’s vital for business owners to keep up with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Staying abreast of the latest trends is the only way to ensure you’re maintaining your competitive edge and pushing for sustained growth. 

In the sections below, we delve into six emerging marketing trends you’ll want to have a strong grasp of to ensure you’re able to navigate the dynamic terrain effectively. 

1. Nurturing personal connections with customers

Direct messaging (DM) tactics are taking off in the digital marketing space. By engaging directly with consumers through DMs, you can develop personalized connections that allow you to greatly enhance the customer experience. 

You can, for example, discover precisely what specific customers want and need, allowing you to develop anything from luxury corporate gifts to personalized hampers that cater to them perfectly. This strategy goes hand-in-hand with the broader trend of humanizing the digital space and seeking customers as unique individuals rather than numbers on a sales spreadsheet. 

2. Boosting efficiency through operational AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize every industry, and nowhere is it having more of an impact than with marketing. Gartner predicts that by 2025, organizations leveraging AI in their marketing efforts will have transitioned around 75% of their humans from mundane production activities to strategic and creative initiatives. 

By harnessing AI, you can streamline your marketing operations, eliminating redundancy and reducing friction. This will empower your team to focus their attention and resources on dynamic activities, allowing them to carve out a unique space for your business in even the most crowded industry.

3. Combating misinformation and bolstering authenticity

Of course, AI brings a mixed bag of flow-on effects to the digital table. The deluge of AI-generated content is increasing the flow of low-quality content on the internet. Amidst this blizzard of mediocrity and misinformation, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your authenticity. 

In the same report cited above, Gartner predicted that dedicated content authenticity functions would be par for the course by 2027. This proactive approach will help businesses fortify their brand messages and rise above the proliferation of fake material that could otherwise erode trust and credibility. 

4. Blending entertainment with branding

The marketing realm is undergoing a major paradigm shift as brands explore new avenues to engage with their audiences. Product placement is nothing new, but recent research has revealed that it is the trend to watch in 2023. 

Through clever product placement, brands are able to showcase products in a subtle way to a captive audience. From the watch James Bond wears to the entire Barbie movie, product placement has the power to seamlessly push a brand into the consumer’s daily life.

5. Producing snackable content

Short-form videos are dominating the marketing landscape in 2023. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels are feeding our burgeoning appetites for bite-sized content, and no one seems to be resisting. This trend aligns with our sadly shrinking attention spans, capturing consumer interest swiftly and effectively.

6. Sustaining momentum with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing was already skyrocketing in the early 2020s, and it is projected to maintain its trajectory in 2023. HubSpot’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report found that 89% of marketers plan to maintain or increase their investment in this strategy over the next year. 

Combining authenticity with relatability, influencers help brands forge genuine connections with new customers. As this trend continues, it becomes increasingly imperative for businesses to establish partnerships with reputable influencers who can amplify their reach and credibility.

Stay attuned to these emerging marketing trends, and you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions that resonate with your audience