NetRack Records 20% YoY Growth; Targets 40% Growth this Year

• NetRack's H1 growth fuelled by its well spread channel network and continuous innovation of product line
• Plans on the table to increase the head count in Marketing, Sales & Support


NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, recorded a colossal 20% YoY growth. With its vast understanding of the competitive Indian data center market and experienced workforce, NetRack has secured this growth from verticals such as IT, BFSI and emerging enterprises businesses. Targeting 40% growth for this year, NetRack’s concentration has been on advanced technology, cooling products and providing complete solutions to customers.

NetRack has been looking at providing the complete solution for futuristic smart data center infrastructure and racks which would include cooling, PDCs, and DCM solutions. NetRack will soon get a new line of products into India supporting these efforts. With these solutions coming in place and introduce new technologies in building cooling solutions for a datacenter, NetRack plans to attract huge business from different verticals.

NetRack has been succeeding in the market for almost two decades with the main principle -understanding and serving the client with industry rich products. The results in H1 2018 so far have been great, showing our ability in serving businesses even during the ever-changing market conditions. Steps taken by us in introducing Air flow management initiatives and Intelligent cooling solutions for data center racks & server rooms played a crucial role in our business development, which has created a strong footprint in the enterprise data center segment“, said Mr Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director, Sales & Support at NetRack.

He further added, “We at NetRack always sketch down robust work strategies to achieve our future-focused targets. We have planned to make a presence in International markets by setting up new offices for specific countries. The overall ideology of this expansion is to make extensive brand visibility and strong empathy among our international clients.”

Laying the roadmap to penetrate into untapped zones, NetRack is focused on building strong partner ecosystem across India and overseas. It has designed an approach to deal with the emerging Modular Data Center requirements among enterprises. Capturing the government vertical is the main agenda for FY 2019. To address and accommodate these plans, NetRack is expanding its workforce on the marketing, sales & support front.