NetRack assisted NxtGen in implementing Colocation Data Centers


NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, helped NxtGen Infinite Data Center Technologies in implementing colocation data centers with optimizing power and maximizing performance.

As a leader in the space of Datacenter and cloud-based services, NxtGen has a keen understanding of both the business of technology and the technology of business. NxtGen’s primary aim is to help businesses of different sizes grow substantially by creating additional capacity in their existing infrastructure, while reducing complexity and cost significantly. Thus, making a clear and purposeful departure from the existing Datacenter service industry.

NxtGen’s success is driven by efficiency and excellence in how they operate and help customers operate. True efficient technology is that which saves time, energy and cost. NxtGen is skilled in configuring the best fit solution to fit their client’s need.

NxtGen is a pioneer in managing IT infrastructure for companies of any considerable size, hosts up to 2,000 high-density racks in independent datacenters. NxtGen places great emphasis on efficiency of IT infrastructure and therefore they decided to consolidate their data center space. The team was looking for a solution provider to assist them in implementing colocation data-center. Mr Raj GopalManaging Director at NxtGen said, “NxtGen, to be a clear differentiator in the Datacenter industry, has decided to adapt colocation of datacenters to increase efficiency of IT infrastructure.” Additionally, the implementation of nine data centers across the country also focused on physical security and a definite cost advantage.

After a thorough evaluation of multiple vendors in the market, NxtGen approached NetRack Enclosures to setup Colocation Data Centers to serve its clients with real-time solutions. NetRack stretched its hands to assist NxtGen and deployed customized High-Density. Cabinets with 2500 mm (52U) height, UL certified cabinets. Along-with accessories such as Air Seal Kit, blanking panel, proper cable management accessories, Brush panels/ tiles, thereby achieving effective airflow management at the Rack Level to eliminate thermal short circuit and hot spots. These additional features such as effective Airflow Management at Rack level where implemented to address the heat issues in data centers and prevent downtime. Implementation of features such effective Airflow Management at rack level helped address issues of heat and thereby downtime in the data center. The solution provided by NetRack was acknowledged by Mr Raj Gopal, at NxtGen, “Our critical business is dependent on catering best fit solutions with efficient technology in place. NetRack’s NRSe series along with containment helped us in achieving Colocation Data Center at an affordable cost. Considering the key factors like on-time delivery, highly active installation and after sales support team, rigged quality and significant UL certifications, NetRack was been opted to serve NxtGen, reaping mutual benefits.”

NxtGen selected NetRack keeping the following key factors such as on-time delivery, highly active installation and after sales support team, rigged quality and significant UL certifications in mind. This engagement has led to mutual benefits for NxtGen and NetRack in the long run.

Speaking on the benefits, Mr Raj Gopal mentioned, “With the deployment of High-Density Data Center Cabinets, the client was able to utilize maximum space with available room layout and increased cooling efficiency of their data centers by 20%. Overall, NetRack solution helped us in achieving power saving by effective cooling of data center rack cabinets and accelerated IT infrastructure performance.”

Better PUE, result of better cable and airflow management

Better colors combinations to reduce Lighting and Increase aesthetics.

Racks are ready to upgrade to Intelligent Lock, Intelligent PDU, and
Environmental Monitoring

Faster Deployment of Racks &containments and accepting layout Changes

Customizations to meet end customer requirement