Must-Have Office Tech


A modern office will be teeming with technology, regardless of what their business does. Technologies make life so much easier, safer, and more efficient, which is why companies must implement all the technology that they can afford in their tech budget. Effective use of technology is one of the best ways for you to improve productivity and increase ROI, so make sure you are utilizing the following in your office.

Instant Messaging Apps

You have no excuse not to be using IM applications like WhatsApp, Viber, or even Wicker if you’re security-oriented. As a business, you should have a set IM application that you can use to keep your team cohesive and informed. A danger with IM apps comes from the messaging that is vital for employee chemistry and happiness (like sharing memes), which can often cause notification pile-ups that might hide essential tasks. You should, therefore, have some group chats designated only for important information, as well as an office-wide discussion chat. Data encryption is also important and make sure you educate your workforce on proper data handling.

Access Control

You don’t want strangers walking into your building, but for some companies hiring a security guard is an ongoing cost that you don’t need. Remsdaq’s Access Control Card Readers help with this. They use smart technologies like proximity cards, smart cards, and biometrics, which help to make sure that only designated people have access to your office. Modern cards have built-in microprocessors and memories, allowing them to be paired with biometric identifiers if security is critical.


If you have the opportunity to automate something – do so. Automation will take the pressure off your staff and cut extraneous expenses. It can help you significantly increase your productivity too. Digital automation is a good example – if you can, use chatbots as much as possible. AI chatbots allow your customers to continually have a point of contact with your company at no employee cost to you. Automating customer service will allow you to save money and redirect your employees to more productive areas.


VoIP or Voice Over IP is tech that allows you to make office phone calls for completely free without the need for phone wires and subscriptions. It’s known by some as the most successful technology of the last decade. It can completely replace your PTSN service but will cut down communication costs, including costs of international calls, down by up to 90%. You need to have good internet to properly use VoIP, but you should have excellent internet in your office anyway.

Team Management Software Team management software like Slack can be in the form of desktop or mobile applications. They allow you to send tasks to your employees, making sure that they know what they are doing at all times. This will lead to smooth operation and can be essential if you’re managing any remote teams, as you will be able to designate employees on tasks together. You also get a comprehensive view of workflow, which will allow you to make necessary changes to improve your overall efficiency.