More Teslas for everyone


The world of electric cars has advanced dramatically in the last 20 years. Electric cars have been for a long time been a pipe dream for engineers and only a site of hope for conscious consumers.

The reality of electric cars of 2020 is a complete success. The main company that is leading the push for the development and optimization of electric cars is Tesla.

The company created by Elon Musk has now supplied more than 350,000 teslas in the year of 2019 alone. This is sparking a complete change in the way consumers decided to look at cars and their impact on the earth.

Having the ability to switch to an electric car without having to sacrifice all the things you preferred from a gas consuming car is the main problem that people had been having before making the complete switch to electric.

The fact of the matter is that Tesla has indeed accomplished all of this and more. Tesla has been able to manufacture cars that are possibly the most efficient, safest and best performing commercial cars in history.

This is all without taking into account the fact that they are electric cars. Along with the connection of chargers throughout the US and an ever growing network of chargers around the world, taking a long distance trip with an electric car is now an absolute possibility.

A simple google of “long-distance tesla trips” will unveil a variety of facebook/instagram accounts that have taken quite a liking to posting and sharing all of the different possibilities of long-distance trips that you can do with a Tesla vehicle.

Tesla vehicles are without a doubt the best in the market right now, and we’re not even only considering electric cars. Tesla has made the safest cars available winning multiple safest cars of the year awards.

Tesla has also produced some of the fastest cars available, without really trying. The Tesla P100D Model X, a 7 seat SUV type car is hitting 0-60mph in under 3 seconds. Something that is easily comparable to a sports car, but is instead a family car. In addition, Tesla Model X cars have aerodynamic wheels, falcon-wing doors, panoramic windshields and many other amazing features.

This is the same car that is considered one of the safest cars ever made. It has one of the lowest tip-over ratings in history, and has a near perfect safety crash rating. So what exactly is missing from Tesla? Not much.

The only problem right now is that not enough people currently have Teslas. The amount of Teslas currently available will definitely increase as production continues to increase steadily over time.

Buying a brand new Tesla, just like buying a brand new car can often be one of the most expensive purchases of one’s life. For that reason we chose to identify all the possible ways that someone could find a used Tesla.

This way instead of choosing to purchase a gas guzzler you would instead consider looking into a performance electric car that is safe for the family and will continue to update for the rest of its life.

There are a variety of platforms available to look through used Teslas. There are plenty of the standard directories that group electric cars with all other cars such as,, and many others.

As someone who is selling a Tesla, posting on a site like this wouldn’t be necessarily effective because the main interest and the large majority of cars are gas cars. This means that the majority of the traffic will go to non-electric cars.

There are Tesla specific online marketplaces that help foster the interest in electric cars and specifically in Teslas. Within the UK there is a great example that shows a great collection of used Teslas in the UK along with used parts and accessories. Finding a used Tesla or electric car should never be frowned upon. Finding a discounted used Tesla will still provide a quality, performing and extremely safe vehicle that will continue to be an important asset in the future.