Mobile App Pen Testing

Mobile app penetration testing

Every day we rely on our smartphones more and more, using applications for everything from buying food to signing important contracts. This makes mobile apps a great target for hackers. In order to minimize the possibility of hacking into apps, mobile application penetration testing is used. This is a special testing service that focuses on mobile applications and finding their weak spots before launching them on the market and making them an easy target. If you are looking for high-quality mobile testing services, Hacken offers some of the best solutions in this field.

Portable Apps Penetration Testing

Hacken is a leading company in the mobile testing industry. Each operating system requires a special approach, which is why this company offers both iOS and Android ( penetration testing services.

But what is mobile app penetration testing exactly? There are various ways of testing mobile apps to achieve certain results, but pen testing is used to find any possible vulnerabilities in a program or its code that can be exploited by hackers. Modern mobile apps store a lot of personal information, which should not be collected by malicious actors. And because hackers start targeting phone apps more and more, additional safety measures are required.

Mobile pen testing involves mimicking hacker attacks to try and find weaker points in the apps. This is important for understanding what should be changed or improved to guarantee the best and safest user experience. Here are those who can benefit from app pen testing:

  • Application developers – it is essential for the devs to ensure that their program is protected sufficiently;
  • App users – for an average user it is highly important to receive a protected app that will prevent their personal info theft;
  • Businesses – business owners should know that the apps they are introducing to the company are of high quality.

As you can see, application pen testing is an essential part of your app development journey as it influences the safety of your product.