Main Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Kia’s Routine Service Schedule


Your KIA is still running smoothly after a few thousand miles since you bought it, but this is not an excuse for not taking it in for maintenance. Routine vehicle services are there for good reason. Not only does it ensure your car is always at its optimum condition, but it also gives you the peace of mind that you are driving a safe car. Here is why you should closely follow the maintenance schedules specified on the manual and avail of a car service special when required.

1. It maintains fuel efficiency.

A well-maintained car runs in the best possible condition, which means it will always be as fuel-efficient as it was when it rolled off the assembly line. When you think of it, the KIA service cost will just be a small price to pay in the long run. You can avoid paying for major repairs that could result from neglecting to have your car serviced on a regular basis.

2. It keeps the value of your car high.

Keeping up with car service special offers by the dealership prevents your car from depreciating fast. So, when you decide to sell your vehicle in the future, you will receive a good offer on it.

3. It ensures safety.

By having your car checked regularly, problems that can affect its safety will be spotted. Typically, a routine car maintenance service includes monitoring fluid levels, tyre pressure checks and alignment, and brake mechanism checks, all of which are very important in keeping you safe while on the road.

4. It protects your investment.

Buying a car is probably one of the biggest investments you make in life, second to your home. As such, you should take care of it. And, what better way to do it than taking it in for regular maintenance at a service centre?

How Much Does a Car Service Cost

The amount you are going to pay for car service will vary based on different factors. First, it will depend on your vehicle’s make and model. For example, the KIA Sportage service cost should be higher than that of smaller cars, like the Picanto.

Aside from the make and model, the price also depends on how much the technician or mechanic charges for a certain type of service. The KIA Cerato service cost could differ from one service centre to another, so do your research.

Bring Your KIA to a Trusted Service Centre

Of course, you should only look for a trusted team of technicians and mechanics whom most car owners trust. On that note, you can check out Toowong KIA.

This dealership and service centre has a team of highly trained and certified KIA technicians who service vehicles according to manufacturer specifications. They also take it up a notch to ensure customer satisfaction. Aside from providing car service special promotions, they also offer other services, such as a courtesy bus and a replacement vehicle, to ensure you have the most convenient experience with them.   

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