Machine Learning and AI in Casinos and Gaming

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Artificial intelligence is a topic that scientists have been heavily involved with for decades now. A whole range of experts have now emerged in this field to explain what this concept is all about, whether we will soon have to fear the takeover of our destinies by beings with artificial intelligence, or whether, unlike the companies in the industry, we as individuals may even benefit from it.

When it comes to casino games, it is clear that we are all happy to receive new tech features and lucrative bonuses at the best online casino to play in Philippine Pesos – but it goes far beyond bonuses!

At least, that’s what the experts in the field of artificial intelligence promise. They show how this technology in the casino sector can lead to the improvement of your very personal gaming experience.

Reason enough for us to take a look at artificial intelligence, the concept behind it and the benefits to be expected.

Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell

To understand the concept behind artificial intelligence (AI), a simple definition can be very helpful to start with:

Definition of artificial intelligence: “Artificial intelligence (AI), is the attempt to transfer human learning and thinking to computers, giving them intelligence.”

If this succeeds, specific new software will not always have to be programmed to solve problems. AI could find answers on its own and thus master emerging problems and situations without further human intervention.

However, it has not yet come that far. The basic methods of AI are already being used worldwide in systems such as Siri or Alexa – but this is not yet complete AI. The question of whether we will also succeed in creating an all-encompassing AI at some point thus remains open.

Deep Learning

AI is based in the first step on so-called “machine learning” and in further development on so-called “deep learning“.

Machine learning means that algorithms can be used to imitate human actions and detect deviations from them. This is then used, for example, to identify credit card fraudsters.

Deep Learning represents the next stage of the process and enables initial machine learning. In this process, networks are built up from several layers, and data is passed between the layers and analyzed – similar to the processes of our brain.

This technology is being used in the development of self-driving cars, in smartphones, in voice control programs, and of course, to some extent, in casino operations now.

Impressive examples of AI

Fans of artificial intelligence have been following what is happening for many years, because that is how long the development of the use of AI in the casino sector has actually been going on.

The first impressive results were shown by IBM’s Deep Blue computer – and it did so by defeating the then world chess champion in a 6-game match in 1997. An outcome of a duel between man and machine that hardly anyone would have expected.

In the new millennium, developments continued apace. A new high point was reached in May 2017 with the AlphaGo program, which also uses machine learning techniques, among other things. The program plays the board game Go and managed to beat not only a single top player, but even the top five players.

Also in 2017, the first AI-based computer program defeated some of the best pros in the poker world. Libratus, as the program is called, won heads-up no-limit hold’em poker against the best players in the world, including Dong Kim, Jason Les, and Daniel MacAuley.

AI Online and in Traditional Casinos

Winning against famous professionals in various games is not the goal of artificial intelligence in the casino field since it only serves to showcase the capabilities of AI to the world. The casino areas are much broader and mainly focused on efficiency and security.

Data Analytics via AI

An already very common usage, not only in the casino sector, is data analysis via AI. Thus, the behavior of players is analyzed via customer cards or loyalty programs and strengths and weaknesses of the casino in fields such as marketing, customer approach, presentation, etc. are evaluated.

Based on this, these areas can be optimized and thus used to achieve higher customer loyalty, longer playing times and early identification of player trends.

AI to Improve Cyber Security

One point that is particularly relevant for players, but of course to the same extent for casino operators, is the improvement of security in online gaming by means of AI. However, the concept is not only used in iGaming, but especially in banking, data protection and similar critical areas.

By analyzing large data sets, regular behavior can be defined and deviations from this norm can be detected at an early stage. As a result, much more comprehensive protection is achieved.

Gambling Addiction Prevention

Addiction prevention is particularly important for the safety of casino players. The use of AI is already being intensively researched in this regard as well and promises to soon be applicable for this purpose and to detect problem gambling behavior even before an actual addiction develops.

This is particularly important in online gambling, as there is a risk of social isolation that can undermine other protective mechanisms. Research in this area is in full swing and we are excited to see what progress we will be presented with in this regard over the next few years.

Improving the Gaming Experience

Last but not least, a point that is always relevant in gaming: the gaming experience itself. Casino platforms on the Internet are already making extensive use of AI to analyze customer data and thus respond even better to their needs.

The result: as a customer, we are presented with astonishingly precise offers and suggested games even before we have realized that we would have liked to play exactly this game or receive that bonus. The perfect gaming experience that, thanks to AI, may soon also find its way into land-based arcades in the future.


Artificial intelligence is a promising and intensely researched field, both in terms of casinos and countless other areas of life. What it is not, however, is 100% secure, functional and guaranteed to be correct.

That’s where the industry’s challenge lies: will we be able to take AI to the next level so that it can become a safe and 100% functioning part of our lives? We shall see.