Why London is a Great Place to Start a Business

London illustration

There are plenty of reasons that London has been a hub of business for centuries. Although rents are high in the UK capital, the potential for profit makes it more than worth it for many businesses.

It is not just long-established companies that can benefit from London’s economic opportunities—small start-ups can also thrive in the city! In this article, we will explore just what it is that makes London such a great place to start and run a business!

A Huge Customer Base is Right on Your Doorstep

London is home to almost 9 million people and boasts one of the most advanced infrastructure systems in the world, with six airports and a highly efficient underground tube system. The density of the population makes for a huge customer base. In terms of international trading, London is highly competitive, being situated less than a day’s travel from other centers of business in Europe, America, and Asia!

London’s Workforce is Second to None

Attracting skilled workers from all over the world, London boasts a population that is not only diverse and multicultural but highly educated. Graduates from both within and outside of the UK often relocate to London in search of success and fortune. London has no shortage of young, skilled professionals to choose from when hiring employees for your business!

Government Assistance is Plentiful

The UK government provides many financial assistance programs for new and emerging businesses, from the Start-Up Loans program to subsidized broadband programs!

Opportunities for Networking

With around 200,000 new businesses being registered in London each year, alongside countless long-established firms, there are over a million registered companies based in the capital today! Although this makes for fierce competition, the opportunities for networking and collaboration are almost limitless. In London, you can visit a networking event pretty much any day of the week, and even put on your own events with companies like cl-events.com!

There Are Thousands of Workspaces to Choose From

With the city being such a vital part of the global financial market, it is no wonder that there is no shortage of office space to choose from. Although London is famed for its high rents, the government is committed to increasing the availability of affordable business space. In addition to this, the number of co-working spaces is high, and broadband connections are efficient across the city if you choose to work from home!

You Can Work Hard and Play Harder

London is not just a great place to start and run a business – it is a great place to live in general! With countless world-class restaurants, museums, bars, clubs, theatres, and cultural venues, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained in your free time. It is hard to imagine ever being bored in London!

This variety of activities is not just good for your leisure time—the sheer range of attractions in London makes it easy to entertain clients visiting from afar! Here’s a guide to moving to London in case you are considering of living in this dreamy place in the future.