List of Technology Influencers in India

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If you are launching a startup or a product with low marketing budget then going with influencer marketing is the best way to reach to the masses in an affordable budget. These social media influencers or bloggers have a number of followers on their social handles and have quality traffic on their blogging or publication website which can help you to reach your audience with a grand brand value and effect in the market.

While doing our research we found some and collected contact information of top technology influencers and bloggers in India those who have that power which can make your startup a brand in Indian market. If you don’t have the budget to spend on TV and newspaper advertisement then I would recommend you to contact these influencers to write and promote your brand across the digital platforms. Here is the list of top tech influencers with their contact detail. As their contact information is their private property and we can’t display it until you clear your objective behind wanting it. If you need this list in excel sheet with contact detail please contact us on

# Influencer Blog Email 1 Mobile
1 Amit Agarwal *********** ********
2 Harsh Agarwal *********** ********
3 Ankit Prakash *********** ********
4 Ashish Sinha *********** ********
5 Jaspal Singh *********** ********
6 PJ *********** ********
7 Nikhil Pahwa *********** ********
8 Amit Bhawani *********** ********
9 Tarun PK *********** ********
10 Sandeep Jain *********** ********
11 Arun Desai *********** ********
12 Nitin Mehta *********** ********
13 Adarsh Varma *********** ********


If you know any bloggers or influencer and want to add to this list. Please feel free to mail us at