List of Electronics Magazines in India

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    The Indian electronics market is gaining traction after Modi Govt’s make in India move thus the technology publication sector. There are a few prints and digital magazines in India that are ready to reap the most out of this growing segment. In our research, we have concluded a list of electronics and technology magazine having print and digital version in India. We have ranked the magazine on the basis of their print circulation and website traffic.

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    List of Electronics Magazines in India

    2Electronics MakerDelhi1996
    3ELE TimesDelhi2012
    4Electronics TodayDelhi1980
    5Makers NowBangalore2020

    Electronics for You: When it comes to electronics and telecommunication magazine, the first name comes to my mind is EFY (Electronics for You) Magazine. This is the oldest and most-read core electronics magazine, published by EFY group. The magazine was founded in 1969 by S.P. Chopra and Veena Khanna. With 200+ employees and INR 50,00,00,000 annual turnover company stands on the top of the list.

    Website Visitors: 50 K Daily
    Twitter Followers: 2211
    Facebook Fans:1 Million

    Electronics Maker: Electronics Maker (EM) is the second largest monthly magazine on electronics and IT. The magazine was founded in 1996 under license of RNI, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Electronics Maker features articles on the modern and core issues related to electronic circuits, design engineering, innovation-centric novel electronics projects for youths and R&D professionals, information systems development and management issues. The magazine is available in print and digital version.

    Website Visitors: 2 K Daily
    Twitter Followers: NA
    Facebook Fans: NA

    ELE Times: ELE Times is the third largest print magazine in India, covers news from electronics and core technology. It’s a B2B news magazine and have quality readership across the country. The magazine is available in both print and digital version. It’s also available on web and updates regular business news on their website.

    Website Visitors: 3 K Daily
    Twitter Followers: 2 K
    Facebook Fans: 5 K

    Electronics Today: Electronics Today is the fourth largest print magazine in India, covers news from the electronics industry. Launched in 1968 by Mr. S Swarn, the founding Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Electronics Today is India’s FIRST Techno-Economics Electronics Monthly Journal. According to a post on their website, the publication of the print magazine has been suspended since 2014.

    Website Visitors: NA
    Twitter Followers: NA
    Facebook Fans: NA

    Proche: Proche Media is the fifth largest digital magazine on electronics and core technology in India. Having more than 30,000+ web traffic we are gaining traction on our publication website.

    Website Visitors: 10 K
    Twitter Followers: 1 K
    Facebook Fans: NA

    Makers Now: Makers Now is a technology publication that covers news from the electronics industry. It’s one of the newest publication in the list but growing at the fastest speed as the publication delivers on-demand news stories to their readers.

    Website Visitors: 5 K
    Twitter Followers: 0.1 K
    Facebook Fans: 0.1 K