List of Neuromarketing Companies Worldwide

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If you are looking for neuromarketing companies, then you have landed at the right place. We have concluded a list of most promising neurotechnology companies from around the world providing neuromarketing solution to their customers worldwide. These companies have developed some neuro enabled SAAS products which can help you understand your customer behavior.

Neuromarketing is a marketing approach that deploys neuroscientific apparatus and other biometric measuring technology such as – EEG-Brain Wave Mapping, Eye Tracking, and Facial Coding among others – to accurately quantify consumer’s psychological responses to brand offerings, in a coherent and easy to comprehend tabulation, to optimize marketing strategies.

Every marketer wants the answer for these following questions.

  • Why do consumers buy what they do?
  • How much are they willing to pay?
  • Why do some brands appeal more than others?

What if technology answers all these questions? Don’t worry; these companies have that technology for you. Here is the list of some cool neuromarketing companies, providing a world-class solution to market your product in the right manner so you save your time, efforts and money by avoiding wrong marketing and advertising practices.

List of neuromarketing companies worldwide

#1 Immersion Neuro

Being a marketer you must be curious to know which campaign will sell the most? What element frustrates your audience? What do you need to improve in your UI/UX to drive more engagement? Immersion Neuroscience has brought a world-class neuromarketing solution to answer all your questions. You can simply study your audience behavior in real-time by measuring the brain’s unconscious emotional responses. Immersion Neuroscience gives you objective, accurate, and predictive insights about what consumers will do next. 

#2 Spark Neuro

Spark Neuro is a young and dynamic neuroanalytics technology company, crafted an extraordinary solution for marketing and advertising industry that measures emotion and attention to optimize advertising and marketing campaigns. It’s a New York, USA based company and also owns a research center in Tokyo, Japan.

#3 Entropik

Entropik is an Indian tech startup, owns a brand named Affect Lab. It’s an EmotionAI company equipped with a full suite of emotion recognition technology options. Affect lab is a one-stop consumer behavior research platform that combines EEG, Facial Expression Analysis & Eye Tracking under one roof. You can use their brainwave mapping, eye tracking or facial coding technology for your brand research, media research, product research and UI/UX research.

#4 CoolTool

CoolTool is neuromarketing platform, enables the marketer to discover and validate what consumers see, think, and feel beyond their conscious control. It provides a smart behavioral insight of your audience by analyzing their emotional and facial activities.

The AI-powered tool integrated with webcam Eye Tracking, Emotion Measurement, Implicit tests, EEG and Website Behavior Tracking allows you to uncover not only what consumers do but also WHY they do it. This innovative approach will accelerate brand progress, reduce research costs, make your marketing impactful as never before.

#5 Kairos

Kairo is a face recognition technology company having its office in Miami Florida, USA. Company is known for its world-class human analytics, facial biometrics, facial recognition, face recognition, face detection, biometrics, enterprise software, software, and video analysis technology. You can use their cloud API or host their programs on your own servers for ultimate control of data, security, and privacy.

They have two products in their bucket, Access Control, and Customer Experience. Access control can be used to grand and revoke access to anyone, anytime from anywhere where Customer Experience enables you to know your customers and engage them in your store.