List of AI Startups in Bangalore


Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) is the silicon valley of India and has been established as a fifth generation technology startups hub. There are thousands of startups working on fifth-generation technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing and Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a hot trend among young entrepreneurs and job seekers. This is the highest paying career option for job seekers and money making opportunity for entrepreneurs. Bangalore is the adobe for 70% startups working on AI and machine learning. We can notice 10+ AI training centres in the city where 300+ AI startups. This is the only estimate as this is one of the most dynamic cities and gives birth to startups day and night. You can call Bangalore “The Mother of Tech Startups”

Here is the list of AI startups in Bangalore.

# Company Name Location Founded
1 Bengaluru 2016
2 AIndra Bengaluru 2012
3 Artivatic Bengaluru 2016
4 Formcept Bengaluru 2011
5 Locus Bengaluru 2015
6 Madstreet Bengaluru 2013
7 Niki Bengaluru 2015
8 SigTuple Bengaluru 2015
9 My Ally Bengaluru 2015
10 Supertext Bengaluru 2015
11 Tricog Bengaluru 2014
12 Xurmo Bengaluru 2009
13 Niramai Bengaluru 2016
14 Ten3t Bengaluru 2016
15 Bengaluru 2016
16 Vernacular Bengaluru 2016
17 Revarn Bengaluru 2015

If you think we have missed any startup which you would like to add in this list, please let us know. We would be happy to further extend this list. Mail us at Thank you for reading.