Leveraging the Power of Social Media for Your Small Business

Social networking site illustration
Image source: Mobiledaily.com

The chances are that you have logged in to your social media account at least a couple of times today. And you will most likely check in a couple of times more before heading to bed.

It’s an open secret that social media has become a part of our everyday life — business owners, marketers, and consumers alike. Recent survey reports show that at least 3.5 million users on social media worldwide. That’s a lot.

Imagine how much your business can benefit if you can show your business ads to that staggering number of people. Social media has proven to be an excellent way of connecting brands with their target market, and it provides an opportunity for brands to create a community of loyal customers.

Isn’t it amazing how what started as a source of entertainment has evolved into a formidable marketing tool?

Social media that works for small businesses

Contrary to popular opinions and misconceptions about social media marketing, it’s not limited to the “big brands” alone. Businesses of any size, including small-sized businesses, can leverage the power of social media to gain more visibility and build a bond with customers. Nowadays, many businesses are leveraging TikTok to reach a younger generation audience. Many brands use buy TikTok likes services to improve their engagement rate and amplify their visibility on TikTok. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top social media platforms and what they offer businesses.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn boasts of over 610 million members, and that number comprises professionals in virtually every facet of human endeavor. It may interest you to know that at least 46% of referral traffic on the company website originates from LinkedIn. Meaning; that the platform is effective in driving quality and organic leads to businesses.

With over 10 million C-level executives who are in charge of decision-making in organizations, you can imagine the caliber of people you are will be sharing your business ads with.Having mentioned that, one question you should ask yourself is how you pique their interest. One way to go about it is to put out informative content.

Your choice of content can be blogs, case studies, eBooks, white paper, and videos. Just be creative and follow the tide.

2. Twitter

Twitter has been dubbed the most efficient ways of micro-blogging and providing customer support. The platform is robust and has performed exceptionally well.If numbers are anything to go by, Twitter caters to over 145 million users making posts that touch on virtually every a

Kind of content?

In the United States alone, the number of users is north 33% of the avenge. Also, Twitter offers 2.5X communication compared to what other platforms are offering. Interestingly, 77% of social media users express excitement when an organization fixes a problem via Twitter. If you are in the crypto business or work for a company, we recommend following some top-notch crypto Twitter handles to keep yourself updated.

3. Facebook

In addition to being one of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook also offers its users an opportunity to chat with their loved ones without glitches.Since its creation, Facebook has served different purposes. While some people use it to keep in touch with their loved ones, others use the platform to host meetings.

To give you an idea of how robust Facebook is, it has over 2.41 billion active users, and more than 1.4 billion people are using Facebook to promote their products and services. Then 26% of people who click on Facebook sales ads always end up making a purchase.

How to leverage social media in small businesses

To make the most of social media in your business, you can start by identifying your target audience and developing a marketing strategy based on the new strategy. Having mentioned that, you should also ensure that your contents are of high quality and try as much as possible to add value to your posts. While you are at it, you can get an influencer to help you make your small businesses appealing to your customers via social media.