LED Lighting & Bundles @ Competitive Prices From Bs Electric Goodies


Who are they:

Bs Electric Goodies are the new online specialists in distributing LED products across the UK at the lowest prices. As well as lighting products they supply batteries, doorbells, smart products, home automation& much more.

They base their pride on great customer service offering advice and solutions to their customers ensuring no one is left in the dark. They also guarantee free delivery no matter how small the purchase order across the U.K (exc Northern Ireland). 

Services& products they provide:

Recently they have constructed LED light strip bundles allowing the consumer to purchase everything they need in one click at a discounted rate. All you need to know on how to install their LED strip bundles are included in their step by step video as shown below. You can find out more about their bundles here.

Step by Step LED light strip video: Here is their video demonstrating how to set up your very own LED light strip setup giving the consumer the confidence to purchase and install with ease:

Ring products: play a big part at Bs Electric Goodies. You can find their cameras, doorbells, solar panels and battery all available on their online store at competitively low prices. You can find the Ring battery for only £18.99 which is incredibly cheap considering the average price found online is around £20-£25.

Collingwood downlights: perfect for your ceiling setup is another product Bs Electric Goodies are providing at a ridiculously cheap price. At £9.99 each these high quality LED downlights cannot be found cheaper elsewhere. Check it out here.

This is just the beginning from Bs Electric Goodies, to find out more on what they have to offer please visit their website: www.bselectricgoodies.co.uk