Keeping Your Workforce Safe And Certified with Safety Staffing Courses


Staff training is essential to any organization, not only for employee protection but also to keep in line with laws and regulations set by OSHA in the USA. The onus is on business owners to educate their staff about any potential dangers or scenarios that may arise during work, and equip them with the necessary skills to deal with such incidents with safety staffing.

This was, in times gone by, an incredibly time-consuming, costly, and often unproductive necessity, but with the advent of specialized companies, online training, safety staffing, and education are more efficient than ever.

Why Is Training Important?

As mentioned, the primary reason for safety staffing and education is employee safety, but that’s only the beginning, and there are a plethora of reasons and benefits beyond that.

From a business’s financial point of view, having a trained staff is likely to reduce insurance premiums and liability claims and also increase productivity and employee satisfaction, not to mention avoiding potential penalties and hefty fines. Current incidents can be minimized, and future episodes can be prevented while reducing compensation for sick leave and injuries.

What Does It Entail?

Professional safety training begins with identifying company-specific needs, possible dangers, and also goals. The idea is to improve current measures and give staff the skills necessary to achieve these objectives.

The saying that you’re either growing or you’re dying rings especially true in an ever-changing environment. So it could also be wise to include staff with specific expertise in certain areas, whether they may be managers, supervisors, or laborers, to assist in the process of creating new policies and procedures, along with trained professionals so that each division is optimally secure. Doing so allows feedback, reporting, and regular testing to be administered, steadily improving safety.

As an example, it wouldn’t be generally acceptable to allow a staff member who had been trained years ago to operate equipment that they haven’t used or aren’t familiar with.

Choosing an option that best suits you:

Safety Consulting

A Safe Assist professional will provide a spectrum of management services for a specified number of hours each month, allowing you to focus on what you do best, and avoid unnecessary time-wasting. You will always have the option of being made compliant with OSHA regulations, undergo safety assessments, and risk assessments, as well as citation and claim defense, and on-site medical services.

Safety Staffing

From construction, pipeline, power, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, assembly, and chemical processing to just about any other industry, safety staffing allows the experts to assist you. Going this route can be in the form of temporary staffing for specific periods or permanent staffing without the need for recruitment.

On-Site Training

Online training can be the most convenient option in some cases. Still, in many other cases, hands-on, instructor-led training is a better choice regarding aspects like knowledge retention, personalized learning, and peer learning. Courses range from a wide selection of certification training to awareness training and provide essential skills while upskilling your staff. Click here for detailed data.

Online Training

With hundreds of courses to choose from, in both English and Spanish, this can be the most cost-effective way to train staff while maximizing productivity at a company. Instead of everybody attending training at once, teams can do it in small groups or individually, allowing productivity to continue unabated.