iValue leverages Digital Transformation tools to drive growth for its OEM & Partners

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iValue InfoSolutions a leader in “Digital Assets” Protection, Optimization & Transformation area, briefed about their enhancements in “Go To Market” practices, towards achieving next 5 year goals, by leveraging on multiple Digital Transformation tools.

The 1st initiative is on Customer insights through Analytics, for its top 6000+ Customers, around Customer Life Cycle Adoption framework. Customer insights are leveraged for daily call planning, targeted campaigns, arriving at right set of customer list for events for specific set of solutions being promoted, Digital sales campaigns for lead generation and so on.The last 3 quarters have seen great success in growing business in a structured way through deeper understanding of each of the customers and their future needs, based on analysis of last 6+ years adoption trends.

The 2nd initiative is on AI based CRM for managing hundreds of opportunities with each of our market facing team. The tool guides the sales team proactively on engagement levels for each opportunity to help in maximizing conversion of leads to closure in double quick time. AI engine also recommends new target customers customized for each sales resource by replication of recent success with similar type of customers across 12 geographies.

Analytics and AI CRM initiatives also throws new opportunities for each of OEM and focused partners of iValue, for cross and up sale opportunities, at each of their Customers.

The 3rd initiative was to categories and align offerings from 30+ OEMs in to 6 solution stacks around Digital Transformation needs of Enterprise Customers covering Security Analytics, Availability & Performance management, Next Gen Security, Automation with Consolidation, Hybrid cloud migration & management along with relevant Service needs around these stacks.

The 4th initiative was to automate all interactions between iValue and its team through a cloud based HRMS tool, both on desktop and mobile, for empowering anytime, anywhere and any device option, enabling quick response and resolution of all its stake holder needs.

Integration of Customer Analytics, AI CRM and SAP ERP are progressing at rapid pace for seamless exchange of information for all strategic, business and transactional needs. Continuous enhancement and integration are helping iValue enhance efficiency with agility for faster turnaround to their OEM and Partner needs.

The 5th organization wide initiative was the rollout of Balanced Score Card for effective implementation and timely rollout of its strategic initiatives for achieving the next 5-year growth plans, through enhanced alignment and collaboration with OEMs and Partner network.

The 6th initiative is around Services focus with most enterprise customers in their digital transformation journey requiring proven models to cut on time and risk. We intent to actively complement our Partners capabilities to meet this evolving customer service needs in the DX space.

We believe in growing together! We continue to invest on growth opportunities for our OEM and Partners’ which has helped us grow consistently at 50% + CAGR since inception.” said Mr Nagabhushan, VPBusiness Strategy at iValue InfoSolutions. “We will continue to invest in leading-edge technologies for empowering our OEM, Partner and internal team, to accelerate and maximize profitable growth for all.”