Is It Possible to Recover Data From SSD?

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Memories, documents and significant files are of utmost importance for every individual. With a plethora of data that we have today, what will happen if we delete it all at once? Sounds like one of the worst nightmares but can come true. So, is it not better to be prepared?

If the Solid State Drive, popularly known as SSD was the final destination to all your CRUCIAL DOCUMENTS and you have pressed the delete button, you have landed at the right place.

Few Reasons Leading to SSD Failure

Most of the people think that SSD is not so prone to data loss as it does not have mechanical arms to read or write data. However, that isn’t true; the absence of mechanical parts doesn’t necessarily lower the risk of data loss. Listed below are some factors causing SSD data loss:

  • The data can be corrupt
  • There can be an unknown virus infection
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • The sudden shutdown of the laptop / PC which may lead to deletion of the data
  • Interruption during file transfer
  • SSD formatting

How to identify that the SSD is damaged?

Generally, SSDs do not show any signs of damage. You will not hear any clicking sound from the electronic components, which is typically taken as a warning to the user about the upcoming failure of the disk. When the SSD stops responding or working altogether, it is a signal that the SSD might have failed, this may result in data loss. You can also check SSD failure with chkdsk using the following steps.

  • Boot into your Windows and click start
  • Go to Computer and right-click on the main drive you want to check
  • Click on properties.
  • At the Tools tab, click on get started at the Error-checking section.
  • Check the “Automatically fix file system errors” checkbox.
  • Click Start.

How data gets erased from the SSD?

When you are involved in writing new data into a mechanical drive, Windows lets the disk to erase old data at first. After that, the new data takes the place of the corresponding old data. When you just perform the deletion, Windows will mark that corresponding space ‘available’, but the system will not remove the actual contents of the file. However, when Windows recognizes a Solid State Drive (SSD) and confirms that TRIM is supported, it will delete the file immediately with effect, instead of marking the usual special tag. The best option that you need to opt for in this situation is to use Stellar professional data recovery software.

Can data be retrieved from SSD?

You can recover data with the help of data recovery software for all logical failure. However, for any physical damage cases you can opt professional SSD data recovery service. This is because Data recovery from SSD is highly complicated; especially in the case of TRIM enabled SSD. The TRIM permits the operating system to command the SSD to wipe off the blocks of data that is no longer required. When the data has been erased, and new data is overwritten in that area, data recovery becomes impossible. Another challenge to Solid State Drive Recovery is that SSD’s and Flash present unique and different makes, unlike hard disk drives that have an identical make.

So, if you have lost your important data from SSD, you do not have to sweat over it. You can simply contact Stellar Data Recovery Service and get the work done. It is pretty normal to lose data these days but, it is highly imperative to take care of the health of your solid-state drive disk.

Please note:Virus attacks can corrupt your data, make it inaccessible, or delete folders. In such a scenario, immediately stop using the drive and then contact Stellar Data Recovery services. Data recovery becomes very difficult when data has been erased, and new data is overwritten in that area.

Tips to Increase the Success Rate of SSD Data Recovery

Following are some of the measures to be taken care off for successful SSD recovery.

Physical Damage:In case your SSD is physically damaged, it is not feasible to recover data from a software solution. This type of damage will need professional assistance from Stellar experts.

Software Issues:Always trust an authorized data recovery service provider in such a scenario. Usage of any random software or service provider could format the SSD or overwrite the data and reversing this damage can be difficult.

Virus Attack:Virus infection leads todata corruption,making it inaccessible or even folder deletion. Immediately stop using the drive after a virus attack and utilize Stellar Data Recovery services.

Human Errors:Avoid using any DIY technique for SSD Recovery in case of accidental data loss. You can opt for data recovery software or professional data recovery services provided by Stellar.

Wrapping it up

Better to choose a professional data recovery service for SSD recovery. When you are sure of the SSD failure, contact Stellar Data Recovery Services immediately. With over 25 years of data recovery experience coupled with excellent customer service, Stellar Data Recovery is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data recovery service provider in India. They are well known for maintaining a high level of data confidentiality and provide 100% safe and secure data recovery services. It has been able to satisfy 3 million+ customers worldwide and offers “no recovery, no charge” policy. It has 15 branches across India. Stellar offers 100% data safety, data security and data confidentiality guarantee.

For more information about stellar data recovery, visit their official website or dial their toll-free number 1800-102-3232. If higher reliability and faster result are your primary considerations, then Stellar Data Recovery Service is your best choice. Hope the information helped you and answered all your questions. To stay updated about various technology hacks, stay tuned!