Can I Control My Child’s Phone Activities?


“Can I control my child’s phone activities?” is a question that’s commonly asked by parents and guardians. This is especially true for those concerned about their children’s safety and wants to keep an eye on their devices. 

Girl kid using mobile phone

For this purpose, I spent countless days searching the web for a decent way parents can control kid’s phone happenings. It was a tiresome task that I was about to give up, but then I found this phone monitoring software.

The app will not just give command over what your child does on his/her phone, but also many incredible features. Read on to know what the app is and how it can control what happens on your kid’s smartphone.

Part 1: H0w Can I Control What My Kid’s Do on Their Cell Phones

A good phone surveillance tool gives you charge over your child’s phone with no programming experience. It should work stealthily without alerting the kid or making them suspicious that someone monitors their phone activities.

These are among many reasons why FoneMonitor stands out in the mobile phone tracking business. It’s the simplest answer to all your concerns since you’ll no longer wonder what your child does online so late. You can discover everything yourself. 

Without further ado, let’s see what the FoneMonitor app is and what it’s capable of achieving: 

FoneMonitor: World’s Unbeaten Parental Control App

FoneMonitor is a versatile Android and iOS parental guidance app that practically allows you to be with your kids 24/7. Be it tracking their movements or finding out who they talk to; the app does it all like magic.

It’s recently been very successful as millions of users from across 190+ countries renew their subscriptions. That reflects how reliable the app is in controlling children’s phone activities and regulating their screen time.

You can also trust the app since it’s featured countlessly on popular media channels like TechRadar and PCMag. All your/child’s info is safe because the software doesn’t access, store, or share it with anyone. Click FoneMonitor page to learn more about why it’s a unique app. 

Now, let’s check out what phone activities you can track with FoneMonitor:

Part 2: Here’re Things You Can Control on Your Kid’s Mobile Device

FoneMonitor allows you to monitor all that takes place on your kid’s device. You will require only a reliable internet connection, a working email ID, and a good smartphone or PC. Below are things you can control without touching the kid’s device:

Text Messages

Most parents will be pleased with the SMS tracker feature. You can read the text messages and iMessages of your kid’s phone in a minute or two. The app gives you real-time results, including contact details of the person they’re texting. 

Mobile Device Location

With FoneMonitor, you can track your kid’s smartphone’s live location and get accurate GPS coordinates. You’ll find out what he/she is up to by discovering places they visit and at what time.

Saved Contacts and Call Logs 

Knowing people who interact with your children is critical in protecting them from all worldly threats. FoneMonitor allows you to view saved contact details and check all made and received calls.

WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp is widely used by young people to chat and share multimedia files with friends. It’s where most hidden things happen, and you can easily discover the truth. Using the app allows you to read all conversations, including those previously deleted.

The list is long but we just mentioned a few. Other important features include, SIM tracker, viewing installed apps, controlling websites access, etc. Here’s how to achieve the above.

Part 3: How FoneMonitor Controls Kid’s Phone Happenings

FoneMonitor is software designed bearing the worries and concerns of parents in mind. It’s a straightforward web service that’s fully based online. You can access your dashboard with a browser of choice and see what the kid is up to 24*7.

In iOS, FoneMonitor doesn’t ask you to breach an iPhone’s security or jailbreak it at all. Instead, it automatically syncs all data via the kid’s device iCloud backup feature. With only their iCloud details, you’ll monitor their phone’s activities 100% remotely and without detection. 

For Android, however, brief physical access to the kid’s phone is required to download and install the FoneMonitor app. Ensure stealth mode is activated for discreet monitoring. You’ll finish the  one-time setup without rooting and get results instantly and remotely.

Steps to Begin Controlling What happens on your Child’s Phone

Step 1: Create a FoneMonitor account with your email username and password of choice. 

Step 2: Pick a suitable pricing plan that fits you best and assign the kid’s name to the device you’re tracking. Enter the child’s phone OS and proceed.

Step 3: You’ll see a setup page to configure FoneMonitor.

  • If the kid’s device runs iOS, verify their iCloud credentials to link with the phone’s iCloud backup account.
  • In Android, use the sent link to download and install the FoneMonitor app. Ensure all permissions are allowed and turn on stealth mode to finish the installation.

Step 4: Click the “start button” to see your FoneMonitor dashboard. Navigate to the left-side menu on your screen to use the app’s features and control your kid’s phone activities.

Part 4: Why Should I Use FoneMonitor

100% Hidden: With FoneMonitor, your children will never catch you viewing their data. It uses cutting edge innovations to operate undetectably.

Most Popular Solution: FoneMonitor is the most subscribed phone surveillance service around the world.

User-Oriented: This phone tracking service is developed for what users like you want. It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable.

27/7 Customer Service: If you need any assistance with the software, our customer care will help regardless of the time.


Based on this article, now you know why I recommend that you get FoneMonitor. It’s actually the best solution to control your kid’s phone activities without them suspecting. You can try out the free live demo to clear your doubts.