Innovation & Ingenuity in the Casino Industry

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G-Digital is a product company that creates displays for the Casino Industry. Ljubo Benko, the Managing Director of G-Digital holds a brief interview of his line of products presented at ICE London 2019. Ljubo Benk was asked why he choose to grow his career into the Casino Industry. The Slovenian born director answered that when he was young, curiosity was a challenge for him. He used to work for 5 years as a development engineer in electronics. He also worked for the HIT Group where he worked himself up to director level with a range of responsibilities. After 1991 he joined the Casino Industry. 

The Creation of G-Digital

In 2003, Ljubo Benko established his own company, G-Digital. The development started in 2008. During that time, the company co-operated with a few important iGaming companies as a distributor, development partner and they also provided services. In 2008, the partnerships started to wave away, which provided a new window for a new opportunity. Because the team was good, Ljubo Benko decided to go towards the development of new products, G-Digital.

The operating system of G-Digital Display is a general Digital Signature software. Using the display allows you to manage and control a network of displays that are placed anywhere. Whenever is inside or outside of a venue, as well as public places where information can be shared. The use of G-Digital is simply limitless. As an example, the company installed the system in a factory with 300 employees at two locations. G-Digital decided to make a project in running a paperless factory, so all the communications run through 30 displays.

They also developed a new software in order to control production, quality control and get feedback when certain phases are met. The factory uses G-Digital as a platform that shows their applications on displays all around the factory. After 6 months of intensive testing, the factory decided to stick to G-Digital.

For Ljubo Benko, this is proof that G-Digital can be robust and can be a bulletproof solution that can be used also in the industrial environment. The solution is very similar for the Gaming industry as well. The company has developed different type of setup in order to be able to stretch their arms around any kind of industry. The focus of G-Digital is to display any kind of information. The information can be changed and controlled from the office anytime, with a few clicks.

The company also add training of the programme, once the installation part starts. One of the objections is to keep things simple and user-friendly. The user interface of G-Digital is simple and intuitive. Based on the experience, the users can manage the basics after 2-3 hours of training and they can become experts after 2-3 days of training. This points out that the users don’t need to be IT experts. The company trains users that are used to work with programmes like Word, Excel or Outlook. If there are some complications, their engineers can handle the problem.

ICE London For G-Digital

ICE London was an accomplishment for G-Digital, because they were able to reach more people with their software. Land-based operators were excited to see a possibility of sharing their information on some displays. Game statistics are one of the important information that can be shared, and players want to be able to see that information on the screen. The operators were also surprised that the software allows a certain control over the displays that are around their premises.

The potential operators that were at the booth, were running online casinos, land-based casinos and slot rooms that want to share their information on some screen around their venue. As an example, land-based casino would want to share their information about their online part. The pure online casinos, like Gametwist, don’t really need the need of displays, since they already share most of their information in the simplest way possible, on their websites.

The configuration of G-Digital, its contents and its displays can be carried out completely. At ICE London, the company showed a few examples of how G-Digital works. Each visitor was able to configure the displays according to their requirements and needs, using their own graphics, logos and style. There is no limit in configuring the displays and its contents.

Final Thoughts

G-Digital can work in any kind of environment that needs to have information shared to the public. Besides factories and casinos, G-Digital can work good into bars, restaurants and others. Each display on the network can be configured differently and show different content as scheduled. The use of options is limitless and it can be done from the office with a few clicks.

The security options are integrated in G-Digital by default. If someone wanted their own IT and security policy, the company does its best to meet the specified requirements. G-Digital gathers its data from sources that are like a database, like XML, HTML, txt, rss files and they can be displayed in proper ways. The software is intuitive, simple to use and extremely effective.