How to Improve Printing Business?

Printing t-shirt business

It’s been a great pleasure to dwell on how to improve printing business from my end here on this floor. Look, growing from a printing hub to a reliable trade printer and beyond requires some tactics and strategies. Here in this article, I will show you the pathway from different points of view. It will enable you to entice new customers or secure long-term leads, increase your sales, avoid mistakes, and reduce the printing cost. 

I guess you don’t want to delay anymore. So let’s move on! 

Be A Master of the Short-Run Printing

You have to be tactful in pricing instead of getting overwhelmed by dozens of short-run printing requests. Have you got my point? I mean it would help best if you employed the existing cheap or less-costly digital equipment. When you locate a supplier who provides different paper types in small quantities, you can reduce your printing expenses. 

Be Selective as A Start-Up 

Let’s say you are a start-up and want to grow as a commercial printing hub. Then it will be wise to be selective with your start-up services. You better start with printing items like t-shirts, leaflets, flyers, business cards, pamphlets, documents, posters, greeting cards, etc. Get the best label thermal printers available in the market.

These are the most common and trendy. You can grow faster. Afterwards, you can add more and more complex items if you want. 

Let The Paper Type Matter to Your customers 

Customers always look for the longevity of their printed products. In this regard, it will be wise to provide each with a unique durable paper type. This is the best approach to showcase quality. Every client cannot but love this, simply because everyone wants an attention-grabbing printed material. Every client wants to storm the audience’s mind. So let me share what such a sustainably unique paper type includes from our printing journey in Print Britannia. It includes: 

Waterproof or Synthetic Paper:  You will have a number of orders that comprise a waterproof or synthetic printing solution. It can be about gift cards, banners, signage or something else. 

Carbonless Laser Paper: This type of paper is ideal for printing multi-part business forms, statements, invoices, receipts, etc.

Custom Packaging: An attractively customised packaging solution can help attain new customers. You better apply exclusive sleeves, containers, and boxes for different types of orders. 

Avoid The Most Common Print File Mistakes 

If you can avoid the following mistakes, you can make some improvements technically.  

  • Not including the bleed areas
  • Printing in RGB instead of CMYK 
  • Mismatch of the artboard size and the design size
  • Unembedded fonts  
  • Leaving print guide layers in the file 

Secure WOMM by Exceptional Service 

If you can provide your customers with exceptional service at an affordable rate, they will become your fan. They will contrast and showcase your service’s superiority. I mean, it will effectively work as Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) and help you secure more customers. 

Prioritise Digital Marketing 

Another way to improve your printing business is online or digital marketing. People nowadays lead a Google-based life. And please don’t forget, this is the era called the fourth industrial revolution. So this is the best way to approach the prospects and gain new customers. 

Even marketing experts say all types of business marketing will turn into digital marketing by overcoming the traditional option. So it would be best to focus on SEO and PPC for the sake of the website’s visibility and traffic. Chances are very high of turning the visitors into customers if you ensure SEO expertise and killer content. 

Emphasise the Special Three 

Almost all the successful printing businesses ensured a rapid improvement by emphasising certain things. Let me suggest you accordingly. These are as follows: 

  1. You need to ensure a robust investment in automated software solutions by keeping pace with the industrial revolution. Like them, it can help you provide printing service consistently at a reduced order management cost! 
  2. Else, if you emphasise repeat business, you can go up with your printing business. You can achieve excellence by this and make more money. 
  3. Besides, if you keep going with the target audience by focusing on selective printing services, you will grow better. 

Update Your Logistics Solutions 

Unless you employ updated printing machines, you won’t be able to beat the competition. 

Let’s say you are using a DTG printer which is an older version. On the contrary, your competitors are surpassing you in quality t-shirt printing. The DTG printing machines are progressing day by day. Now tell me, should you remain happy with what you have? 

I know the answer is ‘no’. Similarly, you have to be adept at the most advanced software solution of your time. For example, you will have 3D printing technology as one of the most recent technologies to utilise. It will benefit you in attaining new and retaining previous consumers.

Look for Innovation 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to beat the competition literally? Well, then there is no alternative to be innovative with your printing and design solutions. 

So it would help best if you hired the most creative printing and designing experts in your company and provided them with a prestigious honorarium. 

Especial Tactics to Reduce Printing Cost 

Here I show some tactics to improve your printing venture by reducing cost: 

  • You had better focus on duplex printing. You have to reduce paper consumption to reduce the printing cost. For this, you need to print on both sides of the paper. You will save paper consumption by as much as 30%! 
  • You have to be calculative in using colours. That means you should not use colours unless it is a must. It costs a lot. Colour print cartridges will make you pay 40% more than black print cartridges. How? A colour print takes additional time along with the use of power. So try to use black and white as much as you can! You may consider turning into cash for toner that is unused. 
  • Another smart way to reduce cost is scanning more and copying less. Therefore, instead of copying, you better scan your document and email. 

Ending Thoughts 

Hopefully, now you can better understand how to improve printing business through some strategic approaches. I wish you all the best. Stay afloat and gain new customers in your printing business!